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Jul 16, 2009 07:41 PM

Ice Cream on 9, Howell

After dinner tonight at Avon Pavillion (which was extremely enjoyable) we proceeded to an ice cream place on Route 9 that our neighbor has been raving about. I LOVE ice cream and I must say that I was in seventh heaven at Ice Cream on 9 (southbound side of 9 in Howell) There must be 100 flavors and they let you taste as many as you want. I had three scoops- toasted coconut, mississippi mud and chocolate cheesecake. OMG, utterly delicious, creamy, fresh, sweet but not over powering and each with its oh so distinct flavor. I had some hot fudge topping which was OK but not nearly as good as Nagels (Ocean Grove) hot fudge. The ice cream, though was outrageous and the price for three healthy scoops was $4.00. A steal!

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  1. Charmel Thank you for mentioning this place.
    SOOOO many flavors.
    We are having a blast working our way through that list
    They even make Smurfette Ice Cream to go with the Smurf - LOL

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      We took a ride there a few nights ago and I loved the Tiramisu. The "Coffee Cake" flavor was a bit too overpowered with cinnamon, and I had my favorite Toatsted Coconut again. I could live at this place. It's a good thing it's a bit of a distance from us. Also they are so nice about letting you taste many different flavors aren't they?