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Jul 16, 2009 07:21 PM

What? Chambers Kitchen is closing? [MSP]

I'm obviously very out of the loop. Apparently I'm the last person to hear that Chambers is closing next week. What happened? Is anybody else upset about this? Having a Jean George restaurant in MN really put us on the culinary map. I only went there once -- it was incredible, pricey, avant garde, and fabulous.

I had an amazing basil panna cotta there and this chili infused Maker's Mark cocktail that knocked my socks off. Any one else still salivating over something they had at Chambers?

RIP Chambers MN. I'll miss your influence on the Minnesota culinary scene.

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  1. This restaurant didn't put us on the culinary scene. It proved that we already have a culinary scene, one that is distinct and significant in it's own right, and that a "name" chef couldn't phone in a concept from afar.

    Wanna succeed in Minnesota? Be local, involve yourself in the community, and understand the demographic beyond reading a Wikipedia entry. Also, serve great food.

    That said, I'll be at Chambers tomorrow to pay my last respects, cause I bought a gift certificate on a whim. And yes, that chili drink is to die for. If nothing else, that was the first truly great cocktail in Minneapolis.

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    1. re: kevin47

      Here here kevin!

      Carpetbaggers that insult us with their phoned-in C-game need to go home. JGV didn't put us on any map, McKee, Roberts, Woodman, Sparks, Becker, Francoual, Samuelson and so many others put us on "the map" and are keeping the Twin Cities interesting.

      Take a hike JGV.

      1. re: Foureyes137

        And tell your bus boys not to throw away leftovers when customers clearly ask for two boxes.

        Seriously, though, our food was pretty good tonight. We had the samosas, bacon wrapped shrimp, chicken lemon noodles and the striped bass, the last two of which were victims of the aforementioned, though they remade a small portion of the noodles for us.

        I won't go into a detailed review since the place is closing in two days, but it was a very competent rendering of Asian fusion. The bass was a standout, though each dish had merit. It's a great space, and I hope D'Amico is able to put it to good use. They could start by cutting out the techno-muzak waitstaff can hear.