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Weekday Breakfast between St. Lawrence Market and the ROM

I have checked prior posts but nothing in the area noted. Will be taking the car in for service next Thursday am and making our way to the ROM. Looking for a good breakfast/brunch in between. Love diners, greasy spoons, unique and interesting. Any suggestions?

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  1. Le Petit Dejeuner. King & Jarvis. Crazy lineups on the weekend but reasonable during the week. Belgian.

    1. Zoulpy's is a greasy spoon. The portions are huge. Address: 244 King Street East, Toronto, ON M5A 1K1. I love their french toast.

      1. Brassaii has breakfast every weekday morning, on King just west of Spadina.

        Senator Diner on Victoria near Dundas and Patrician Grill on King E also serve breakfast.

        461 King St. W, Toronto, ON M5V 1K7, CA

        1. I've never been, but Patrician Grill (219 King E) certainly looks the part. I go by it every day and have always been curious. Has anyone been there?

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            I've been several times- nice atmosphere, and the owner and staff have lots of personality.

            I like the Patrician's Greek Omelette, which is better than most I've tried in TO. I tend to order their grilled cheese if I'm there at lunch, which is your standard diner style grilled cheese made with processed cheese. My friends like their pancakes, bacon & eggs, and the apple pie served on Saturdays made by the owner's mom.

          2. Daybreak at 399 Church Street has massive portions of the usual breakfast fare at good prices. It's nothing fancy, but not quite a greasy spoon.

            Have you considered the ROM cafeteria? I don't even know if they open for breakfast, but they otherwise have a nice selection.

            1. Try B Espresso bar just north of the St. Lawrence Market. They open early and have good food. Not a diner but unique and interesting.


              1. FWIW I've had breakfast at all (yes, all) of the recommended places save the ROM cafeteria. Of these, I like Zoulpy's best. You get excellent value for the money both in terms of quality and portion size. Zoulpy's is the kind of diner that attracts everyone from limo drivers to high-priced lawyers. It's a very brief walk from SLM albeit in the wrong direction for you.

                Zoulphy's - duplicate
                244 King St E, Toronto, ON M5A, CA

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                  What does Zoulpy's do best, Googs?

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                    Having not eaten everything there, I hesitate to pick a 'best'. Typically hubby & I like to have breakfast there before moving on to the SLM. You order what you like and pay at the counter then sit down for a brief wait until they bring it to your table. I've enjoyed my standard bacon & egg breakfasts plus prefer their peameal sandwich over the one at the Carousel 'Bakery'. All of their sandwiches are very generously stacked so you best be hungry if you order one of them. This isn't high-end dining, but rather typical of the diner fare served back in the day when being a running diner was an honest living.