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Jul 16, 2009 06:48 PM

Lunch truck or taco truck for party

Does anyone know of a lunch truck or taco truck that will come to a private home in Encino for an hour or so to feed about 30 people?

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  1. Are you looking for something special? Or just a decent taco truck?

    If you're looking for something upscale, there's The Fusion Taco truck. Which is Korean/Mexican food. I haven't tried it myself, but I have heard from a very good, very reliable source that this is something special.

    1. The truck on Colorado Blvd, one block east of Eagle Rock Blvd (in front of the Comfort Inn) caters to parties. The owner is named Fred and he works the truck Mon-Fri and serves up the BEST carne asada I've had anywhere. Give him a shot and see what he charges for coming out to your place. While you're there, try his quesadilla with meat and all-meat burrito and you'll see why he's been in business in the same truck for almost 30 years.

      1. This past 4th of July my gated community had a little afternoon party that was catered by a taco truck-esque setup. It was just one lady who brought all her portable cooking gear and food and toppings, an unbelievably humongous amount of meat (beef, pork, and chicken), and made all-you-can-eat tacos fresh off the grill. This lasted for about 3-4 hours, but I'm sure one hour would be just fine (though, honestly, the cooking and setup part takes some time). I don't know the price (since I didn't do the hiring), but the tacos were incredibly delicious.

        I got her business card and here is the info on it (my loose translations in parentheses):
        Servicio a domicilio / Fiestas y todo tipo de eventos
        (For homes, parties, and all kinds of events)

        Preparamos ricos tacos! Le ofrecemos lo mejor!
        (We make delicious tacos and give you only the best!)

        Juanita o Arturo

        Haga sus reservaciones:
        (Call for reservations:)

        Incidentally, the woman (I'm assuming she was Juanita) spoke and understood perfect
        English, so don't let the Spanish business card worry you.

        I have to say again, it was REALLY REALLY DELISH, hot and fresh and all you can eat.

        [edited to add loose translations in case you have trouble with the Spanish; not meant to be insulting for those who do understand it]

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          Tacos Jennis sounds great. Just wondering if anyone else here has used them & what meats you liked best.

        2. I've used Juan's Taco Cart in the past. They are in Whittier but will travel, awesome food & I've gotten numerous requests to have them back. They do for 50 people, minimum, but it's usually plenty for 35 + with leftovers, which they will give you. Sweet honest people. Awesome food. Great price. 562-927-7128 or 562-714-8205. You won't be sorry. Tell them Nancy from Pacific Palisades sent you.