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Jul 16, 2009 06:24 PM

Connecticut to Maine, What's your thought?

My husband and I will be driving from Meriden, CT to Freeport, ME in two weekends. I'm looking for suggestions for *Must See* places to eat along the drive. We enjoy all kinds of food and are up for just about any experience, so we appreciate all suggestions! Thank you for your time!

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  1. I haven't been up this way in a while but Newburyport, MA. was always a good spot for dining and shopping. Check out
    You may be in time for "Yankee Homecoming" in Newburyport, July 26-Aug. 2
    My other favorite is Stonewall Kitchen in York, Me.

    1. If you don't mind some 10 or 15 minute detours off the freeway, you're headed up through some prime ICE CREAMING territory there.

      1. When we'd drive from Maine to Connecticut (Middletown), we'd often hit George's Coney Island Dogs in Worcester and Susan's Fish n Chips on Forest Ave in Portland.

        1. If you're willing to go a little out of your way and not the most direct route, Pickity Place is nice for lunch. It's in Mason NH. The illustrations for Little Red Riding Hood were based on the house. It's something different you don't find everywhere.

          For some not so healthy food, grab a piece of Blinks Fried Dough in Hampton Beach NH on your way thru the coast.

          1. I have two maps of restaurants I've collected for a trip to Maine. Mostly Chowhound contributions.
            and where there are places near I-95 as you go up. Restaurants are coded by color for general cuisine categories.

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              KRinn, Scar knows his chow and is a Google-Garmin whiz. I'm going Maine to Ct on on Mon., but I'm leaving early and will probably only stop in Brunswick or Portland for breakfast. Along I 495, it is pretty much a waste land but for some fine chow in the Lowell, Metheun, Merrimack area. Search the board for recs there as I am not familiar enough w/ the area.
              ps If you stop in Lowell, pay homage to Jack Kerouac as you'll be On the Road.

              1. re: Passadumkeg

                I tried to add a few of the agreed upon (good) places in the Lawrence area to my map. Thanks for the education about Kerouac.

                1. re: Scargod

                  Thank you all for taking the time to give the me the information & the education! I'm all for cramming as much good food and great experiences as you can on a road trip! I'll bring them all to the husband and we'll report back! Of course, if you have more recommendations, I will continue to check in! :D

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                    Fat Boy's Drive -In in Brunswick is worth a stop for their six buck lobster roll and a frappe. The best dining, in me 'umble opinion is just north of Portland at The Robinhood Meeting House, just south of Bath on the road to Five Islands (another good spot for lobster).

                    1. re: Passadumkeg

                      Just to get really accurate:
                      Robinhood Free Meetinghouse
                      210 Robinhood Rd
                      Georgetown, ME 04548-3104
                      (207) 371-2188
                      One mile east on Robinhood Road as you are going south on 127/Five Islands Road.
                      Revised map:

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                        Who knows what Garman lurks in the hearts of men? The Scargod knows!

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                            My life is already cluttered w/ too much unnecessary technology.
                            Simplify, simplify, simplify.