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Jul 16, 2009 06:09 PM

Mt Vernon & Wayne ME eating report

I am a long-time lurker who is trying to be better about posting reports from my various eating adventures. I spend most summers at a camp in central Maine, in Readfield.

I haven't seen too much here on CH about the Olde Post Office Cafe, right on Minnehonk Lake in Mount Vernon. It's open everyday for breakfast and lunch (I think they are open fewer days during winter). They have great stuff like b'fast burritos, stuffed French toast, and homemade breads and pastries. I recently tried a fabulous strawberry muffin and orange-date scone. They also serve sandwiches, omelets, and such made with Boar's Head meats and cheeses. They serve dinner twice a month, by reservation only, with live music on Saturday nights. I haven't tried it yet, but it on my summer to-do list, so I will report back.

The cafe has super friendly staff, nice atmosphere, and is just a wonderful addition to the area.

Also, I have several times posted about my less than stellar view of Tubby's ice cream in Wayne. Well, I eat my words. We went on Sunday, with my spouse and five out-of-town guests. We arrived at 9:20, 20 minutes after they closed. Skip and his staff cheerfully offered to re-open, which was so generous! I had tastes of the chocolate, peanut butter, vanilla, and naked flavors, which were all creamy and flavorful. The coffee flavor tasted a bit icy and watery, definitely not as good. The hot fudge sauce tasted like it had cinnamon in it, very different and delicious. The peanut butter sauce was amazing-- not too sweet or thick. The best pb sauce I've ever had! So, I am happy to eat my words and recommend Tubby's wholeheartedly!

Well, I am at the drive-in and the movie's about to start, but I'll post again soon. Happy eating!

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  1. Super Maine post.
    Few of my favorates a little farther west (not too far).
    Soup for you in Farmington....excellent sandwich selection.....chili
    Calzalaio Pasta in Wilton....pricey but excellent service & high quality food. Nice bar seen.
    Top of the hill grill in New Sharon...breakfast heven...mostly tradition diner style but also has interesting specials...spinach and feta omletes....this guy works the grill with alot of pride. Does a BYOB dinner....but have not tried his dinner service....only select day's & I think he closes down for a bit in the winter.
    Lafluers restaurat in Jay does a great job...if you are lucky enough to catch a chicken cordon blue in in a roasted pepper cream sauce with mashed potato & steamed carrots....yum. Soup and sandwitch always a good deal @ $6.50 you pick the right day and can get a ham sandwich piled high & a cup of seafood thats a meal.....always happy to dress you sandwich to your liking.
    Chuck wagon in livermore falls.....take a step back in time...decor right from the 70's....good house lunch specials...just quality food.
    Yiannos house of pizza does good steak and cheese subs....and an awsone tuna chopped salad (actually ordered it twice....first ime I could not beleve the tuna the guy gave you!.....but it was loaded again!).....good house greek dressing salads come with a 1/2 pita....nice touch.

    Keep the Maine posts coming......we love to eat too and we don't all live on the coast!

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      Thanks for the reply, westernmaine! I just drove by Top of the Hill Grill a few days ago, and now I am eager to try it. I have not tried Soup for You yet, but I get to Farmington quite often (I love Narrow Gauge Cinema, especially with all this rain we're having!) and will check it out. In fact, I hope to try all your recs, keep 'em coming!