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Jul 16, 2009 04:58 PM

Need ideas for a bumper crop of Black Mission figs

Never had such an abundant crop.

I'm eating them out of hand and I've made fig preserves. How else can I make the most of them?

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  1. Thinly sliced figs w/ caramelized onions and fontina, mozzarella, & blue cheese on a pizza! Too fracking good... adam

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    1. re: adamshoe

      Perfect, shoeboy! That's what I was thinking!!

      Plus. check this out, pretty nice looking!

    2. Stuff with goat cheese, wrap with prosciutto, and grill.

      1. Fig Truffles - goes wonderfully with a cheese plate imho.

        1. Zuni Cafe's recipe for chicken and figs. We double the number of figs.

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            There's a really nice recipe for poached figs in red wine in this month's COTM, Spice. If you're interested I'd be glad to paraphrase and post. The syrup is nice as the wine simmers with sugar, honey, vanilla bean, allspice berries, black peppercorns and a big piece of orange zest. I used candied orange peel I made myself a while ago. This was just delightful and the recipe calls for black mission figs. I used the green ones that came in my CSA box last week.