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Jul 16, 2009 04:36 PM

Apple Farms that press into Cider?

Looking for an Apple Farm in the Los Angeles Area (obviously not in the downtown area) where I can get fresh squeezed Apple Cider. Even better - you can pick your own apples and take them to a press while you enjoy some other tasty treats.



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  1. Oak Glen. It is near Yucaipa. They have serveral orchards up there that do u-pick apples (as well as a few that do berries as well). I know one place for sure has an old fashion apple press where you can press the apples yourself.

    Every farm and store has a wide selection of fresh apple cider and cherry-apple cider.

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      My go-to place in Oak Glen ever since I was a child has been Los Rios Rancho, at the very end of the road as you come from Yucaipa. Drive all the way through the town and it's on your right - can't miss it. We go every year when the Arkansas Blacks come in, a very short season, a few weeks only, for them. Their apple pies are great and you can get them uncooked to cook at home. We find their grilled tri-tip sandwiches promise more in smell than they deliver in taste, but they have a great picnic area way in the back and I'd suggest packing a picnic lunch and eating under the trees. Avoid the picnic area in front by the parking lot. Their cider is excellent and they do have pick your own apples although I don't think they will press them for you.

      1. re: TomSwift

        Los Rios Rancho is great for Arkansas Blacks. We actually go to Parrish Pioneer (which is the first one as you head into Oak Glen from Yucaipa) for pre-made cider and to Riley's for you-press cider. Riley's own Los Rios Rancho.

      2. Not right now, apples are out of season-no one will be pressing.

        I prefer to go to Tehachapi, rather than Oak Glen. Tehacahpi is up past Mojave, and is a nice little town with more than one good orchard.

        Lasy year, we heard about RB orchard through the grapevine/apple branch.

        They press amazing cider! I believe it is unpastureized and pressed on location.

        Right near them is a pick your own orchard.

        RB also sells scary good apple pie and stuff.

        Apple season is late September through October, usually.

        1. As 1 Munchy says, it's the wrong season. But, in about 3 months or so, you should make a day and drive up to Julian, in northeast San Diego County.