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Jul 16, 2009 04:21 PM

The return of Carm's Coneys

I was driving up 19th Street in Costa Mesa today and I was happy to see that Carm's Coney's is coming back. I never got a chance to go there when it was located on 17th St.

I heard these were the real deal.

I took a pic.

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  1. I liked Thai Tasty Corner whenever i tried it but always very quiet. At least Carms will have a chance at parking this time.

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    1. re: stuartmm

      It looks like the Thai place is moving to were Mazzoti's Italian place used to be about 20 yards away.

      1. re: cdmedici

        That Thai place was barely okay. Did you guys also see the Kebaab place opening nearby. The best think about Carns was the burgers. The worst thing was that it took forever for a simple hotdog to get out of the kitchen. Their cooks need to speed it up.

        1. re: cdmedici

          Mazzoti's is gone?? But it was there a month ago when I went to Shibucho, I thought...

      2. Carm's is THE most overpriced hotdog in the world. I'll stick with Costco. Tastes better and about a 1/3 of the price.

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        1. re: A5 KOBE

          I think California hot dogs are more expensive than other places:

          Pinks Chilli Dog is their cheapest dog: $3.10- most of their other dogs are around $4.20 or more.
          Jerry's Wood-Fired Dogs. Signature Dog is $3.75. They have a small plain dog for $2.95

          What were the prices for Carn's ?

          1. re: meltedcheese

            I had a sub-par hot dog that cost me around $4.50. Add chili and it was around $5.50.

            1. re: A5 KOBE

              I too was disappointed in the hot dogs that I got at Carm Carneys, especially for the price that they charged. I prefer Jerry's Dogs in La Habra or Pch Dogs in Huntington Beach. I left Carm Carneys thinking that they would never stay in business when you can get better deals at Costco (or even 7-11!). I did notice that Carms advertised heavily in the OC Register and always included 2-For-1 coupons which made me wonder why they just didn't lower their regular prices all of the time.

        2. wow, me neither. Will have to (finally) check it out.
          Grew up in Detroit, & sure miss real coney dogs. Nothing like that here in OC any more..

          1. I live around the corner from the seemingly leased new space for Carm's on 19th street. It looks like the deal fell through. The Carm's sign is down and the realtor's sign is up. Hmmm, wonder what happened.

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            1. re: Courtney Adams

              I was the OP on this. You beat me to it. I noticed that yesterday as well. Oh well..One less thing to look forward to on 19th street. Did you notice Il Dolce Pizzeria on 19th & Harbor where Pasta Connection used to be. They will be installing a wood burning oven there. Yeah baby!!!! The owner is currently working the pizza oven at Spago. I have high hopes for his place.

              1. re: cdmedici

                bummer about Carm's but the II Dolce news sounds REALLY good! Finger crossed!