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Jul 16, 2009 03:04 PM

Victory 44 [MSP]

Not real sure if I should talk this great place up, as I do not like huge crowds, but this place is going to fill up soon, simply said, get to Victory 44 !!

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  1. Two out of two Kevins agree.

    That said, I think the folks here would like some specifics. What did you like about it? What dishes do you recommend?

    1. For those curious, Victory 44 is in Minneapolis, MN.

      Victory 44
      2203 44th Ave N, Minneapolis, MN

      1. There is a much better thread on Victory 44 here:

        That said, I would highly suggest NOT rushing there, at least not this weekend. We were there last Sunday, and they were totally overwhelmed. Shortly after we arrived, they started turning people away, and declared that they were closing early, as they had run out of food.

        They were out of at least 3 dishes on the menu (my first, second and third choices!). Once I found something on the menu they actually had, my meal was good (for a 4th choice). The other two people at my table were able to order their first choice, but were served meals that were very, very dissapointing. A burger ordered medium rare was almost raw, and the smashed potatoes an the omlette were nothing but crumbs.

        When we brought it to our servers attention, and the manager came over and explained what had happened. Apparently, the attention in the Star Tribune and on the radio last week caused a huge spike in business, that they were woefully unprepared for. They kitchen was overwhelmed, didn't have enough food in stock, and they didn't have enough staff. Furthing the problem, it was our server's 3rd day as a server... anywhere!

        He agreed that our food was completely unacceptable, and that had he seen it before it left the kitchen, he'd have intercepted it. In the end, they comped the meals, and remade them the way they should be made. He also told us that they'd be in City Pages and Minneapolis/St. Paul magazine this week, but were preparing to stock up and staff up so there's not a repeat of the problems.

        Given the problems last weekend, I'd probably stay away this weekend, and let them get things in order. I also want to be clear that this was not a normal situation for them. We've been there a few times, and have walked there from our house. We love the place, and will be back often. But, people should also be aware that they're still new and struggling to keep up. I'm really curious as to what makes them think they can handle opening another restaurant in Stillwater when they're still getting things going here.

        I feel for anyone who experienced what we did last weekend, but did not know what the place is capable of. If we'd never been there before, we'd probably never return.

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          I went today at 1:30 and business has really picked up. The last time I was there, I was the only customer. The place was about 40% capacity today. My burger was almost raw, but that's how I ordered it.

          Also, the last time I was there, the managers were having a meeting with some sort of staffing firm. I can see where it wouldn't be the easiest place to hire. People who don't live in NoMi are afraid of it. People who live in NoMi are, well, less than inclined to seek employment.