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Jul 16, 2009 03:01 PM

Santa Monica, 100 people, Drinks and Tapas. Go!

I'm looking for a location in Santa Monica (or somewhere nearby that can be reached on the bus) for a group of 100 to have some drinks and tapas/appies as the last stop in a scavenger hunt.
Buyout is not an option for this group so I need some creative suggestions.
Even a park with a concession stand that sells beer could work (I'm desperate here people!)
Any leads are appreciated.

ETA: We'll be hitting up said venue in the late afternoon (after 4pm) on a Friday. Thanks!

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  1. What time of day? With that many a restaurant would surely want you to buy it out or do it between lunch and dinner. At a park you'll probably need a permit.

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    1. re: PeterL

      And it will also matter which day of the week you are proposing.

      1. re: PeterL

        ksarahsarah stated in the original post that this will take place on a friday afternoon after about 4pm.

      2. Renee's Courtyard, The Galley, La Cabana, Cache (they'd have to open early), Beechwood (if it's a little later, like 5), World Cafe, Enterprise Fish Company.

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          I love Renee's, but doubt it'll hold 100 people... comfortably anyway.

          1. re: Emme

            the fire marshalls probably wouldn't go for it either. . .

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              I had a party there for 125 and it was fine - with lots of room to move. There are many rooms to Renee's, which you might not know about - because they open them up for big parties, plus the big far back patio.

              Alibi Room is a good idea, if they will close to the public for you.

        2. OFFBEAT IDEAS:
          1. Alibi Room in Culver City - Opens at 5:30 pm. Infamous Kogi Korean BBQ Kitchen there opens at 6;00 pm.
          2. Back on the Beach - Open to 8 pm. Hang Out outside and get your toes in the sand. For your size group, They'll hold the private room which can hold maybe 30 people cocktail party style for a food layout. The rest can spill out onto the sand, or they can set up outdoors for you. Don't know if they have a wine & beer license though.
          3. Whole Foods on Lincoln Ave -- Interesting end to a Scavenger Hunt at their Giant Food Court and huge selection of choices. Need to check with management about how they would react to 100 people taking over their outdoor tables. also don't know what regs are about drinking beer.
          4. Mariasol - Mexican Restaurant at the end of the Santa Monica Pier. Great place to see the Sun set at 8 pm. Service and Food not getting good reviews on Yelp! but how bad can beer, margueritas and chips get? Great view and large enough to easily accommodate 100.
          5. Hotel Pool Bars -- Too upscale? Consider top of the Shangri La Hotel on Ocean or the hot spot Viceroy Hotel Pool. Loew's Hotel has set up parties for me at their pool overlooking the Ocean -- but you would have to go through their catering.

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            Good recs, altstarr, very creative! I love the pool bars idea, but I didn't think the OP wanted to end up in a hotel lounge, which I was going to suggest, like Casa del Mar, big, wide open lounge.

            Best bet looks like Marisol at the end of the pier. It's fine for this type of event. and it's never crowded, so should easily accomodate the crowd, probably welcome it!

          2. Those are some strange parameters. 100 is quite a few. I don't think there are any parks,concession that sell beer for people to mill in public. for 100 you need a pretty big place. As someone said a hotel bar (casa del mar). You're going to have a rough time just showing up at someplace that is not huge, and/or someplace that is routinely occupied.
            One, albeit unlikely possibility would be to call Bistro Cafe? in the Water Garden. They closed for dinner but might still be open doing lunch. The place is largish and had a liquor license. If so, they might make some sort of deal, and it is on one of the SaMo bus lines (5?). Daily Grill across the street (on Colorado) has a big bar area, has happy hour, and isn't beachy popular.

            1. how much are you willing to spend?
              i'd bet that the marian beach hotel on admiralty would love to have your group.
              almost any hotel that caters to business people will be open to to having a friday night crowd because that is the time that most of their guests clear out to go home.