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Jul 16, 2009 02:41 PM

1 Day Cooking Classes in Istanbul ?

Hi All,

I just got our tickets for Istanbul for April next year, and I'm starting to think of where to stay, and of course what to eat. I've read of several hotels that offer cooking classes, and several cooking schools in Istanbul.
Can any one make a recommendation ? We were looking for something that would keep us well entertained, well fed, and leave us with a few recipes to bring home.

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    1. I took the cooking class at Cooking Alaturka when I was in Istanbul a few weeks ago. It was a great experience, even though Eveline couldn't be there to do the translation/commentary. Feyzi, the chef, knew enough English to teach us and make us laugh. There were only 3 of us taking the class that day so it was nice to be able to do lots of the chopping, peeling, plating...

      I'd recommend it. The restaurant and kitchen are lovely, we got to take home the 5 recipes we made, and the lunch was one of the best meals I had in Turkey.

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          60 euros, but my class cost 50 euros because Eveline and her back-up translator couldn't make it.

      1. read a story about the Istanbul Culinary Institute offering courses. the link below has more info on the subject.
        There is another outfit down in Fener/Balat area of the city that organizes cooking lessons for visitors. My friend's parents joined a 1 day session and loved it.

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          Also check for updates on 1-day workshops. Quite entertaining, first you go to a local market and do the shopping, then come back to the institute and cook them, enjoy them and a great experience.

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            For next time you can also check Turkish Flavours
            where you can find many foodie activities in Istanbul.

        2. There is a new school Dante Gastronomy, in Etiler, one of the luxurious places in ─░stanbul which arranges tailor made cooking courses for the foreigners with famous turkish chefs. You have to make an apponintment with them and tell them that how many people are going to join the class. They arrange everything for you. Their web adress is This site can be in Turkish but try to send them an e-mail. Owners of the place speeks fluent English.

          1. It has been a long time since this question was posted, but
            just to let the others know,
            this website has a good collection of nearly all the cooking classes in Istanbul.


            for the interested reader :)