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Jul 16, 2009 02:28 PM

Rue St. Jacques: wtf?

Been meaning to post this for a while, forgive the delay.

I took my family there for dinner when visiting SF in April. Very, very good food, but:

(A) We were the only customers there the whole time. We left about 9:30.

(B) Service was idiosyncratic to downright weird. Among other things: the waiter had a very outsized personality, and favored my young-adult daughters to the point of completely ignoring me, like: never refilling my water or wine when he did everyone else's. Plus everything, for everyone was dashed onto the table like a hurricane. He'd refill water glasses en-masse: swoop the pitcher across the table. Really. Big puddles on the tablecloth.

In case it needs to be said, I am a well-behaved respectful diner and caused this waiter no reason to behave like this.

The food was great but the service was awful, and the fact that we were so alone said a lot.

Anyone have anything further to share on this place?

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  1. What night of the week did you go? What did you order?

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    1. re: rworange

      As I said, it was in April, early April. I don't recall specifically, but nothing you inquire about should have affected the waiter's performance, or the complete emptiness of the restaurant.

      1. re: Dual

        Well, a Monday could be a dead night as it is for some restaurants. If the food is great, enough, then frankly I don't care about service. Service is passing. Something could have happened that night ... someone didn't show up ... new waiter ... it really isn't a deal killer for me