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Jul 16, 2009 02:28 PM

Fancy Dinner for ONE.... suggestions?

Due to a few converging circumstances I have found myself with $200 of "fun money" in my pocket and a night to myself this coming Saturday. I'd love some suggestions for a place to go for a fancy meal by myself.

While I am planning on an earlier dinner (6:30ish) its still last minute in the grand scheme of things so I'm guessing my best bets will be places with a bar which is also good given that its dinner for one. Doesn't have to be a tasting menu though I do want to do at least appetizer, entree, dessert (and wine or cocktail(s)).

I'm currently thinking Marea or Eleven Madison Park but would love a few other suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. You might try L'Atelier ...

    1. I had dinner at the bar at Picholine a couple of times and was never disappointed. You can have the tasting menu or a la carte when you eat at the bar.

      There is also the bar room at the Modern in the MOMA. They always have a couple of tables that you don't need any reservations for.

      I also ate at Porterhouse in March when I was in NY and it was excellent. It is also a beautiful place to have dinner.

      Bar Boulud is also a nice place and there is a communal table, which can be kind of fun if there are interesting people to talk with.

      1. Marea now offers a 4 course meal for $89. The food is incredible and so are the cocktails! Also, I love the bar there, so if you wanted to eat at the bar and enjoy the company of others that's fun too.

        1. I loved Degustation, and think it's a perfect solo diner spot...

          Here is my report on it -

          1. If you decide to go to EMP, my recommendation is that you sit in the dining room rather than at the bar because the bar's menu is not the same as the dining room's.

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              Thanks for the heads up. I had gone for drinks and desserts a month or so ago and didnt realize it was a different menu