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Jul 16, 2009 02:17 PM

After Theatre Dinner...Don't Want to Eat Near Times Square

Greetings NYC chowhounds! This is my first chowhound post, though I've been reading many threads for the past few years seeking the expert advice. I go to New York once a year to see some shows and I've been lucky enough to have some open nights to try some of the legends like Gramercy Tavern and Gotham Bar and Grill. However, I am sick and tired of seeking out decent places to eat near Times Square for before or after show options.
So this year, we plan on staying somewhere near the Village and I'm willing to walk or subway any distance for a terrific post show dinner at a place open until at least 11:30 on the weekends. I'd prefer somewhere in the Village or SoHo, but really anywhere is initial research has steered me towards The Spotted Pig, Prune, and Blue Ribbon/ Blue Ribbon Bakery (I don't know which is better?) Any thoughts on these choices or other spots? I'd prefer not doing pizza since we'll be having that for lunch at Di Fara and I went to Katz's and loved it last year for a late night meal. Thanks so much!!!

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  1. > The Spotted Pig, Prune, and Blue Ribbon/ Blue Ribbon Bakery

    All fine choices but Prune closes at midnight so you might be cutting it close (not sure when the kitchen closes). Blue Ribbon Bakery is much easier to get into than Blue Ribbon Brasserie because it's much larger. I like the atmosphere at the Brasserie much, but the Bakery is also nice.

    Other options, for a sit down meal around 11:30:

    Momofuku Ssam Bar
    Balthazar (and its sister restaurants, Pastis, Schiller's, etc)
    Stanton Social
    Employees Only