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Jul 16, 2009 01:54 PM

Venice chichetti reccs?

First trip to Venice is getting near. We've got most of our dining covered, but one thing we haven't quite fleshed out are the chichetti bars we want to visit. I've found references to Do Mori and Al Bottegon, which both sound very good, but looking for a few more to add to the list. So give em up ... let's hear your chicehetti reccs!.

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  1. Al Portego in S. Marina is a relatively new bacaro and quite good and reasonable. There is a wine bar with lots of cicchetti, a small dining room for pasta and a few main courses, and a couple of tables outside. The only problem is that it is mobbed by students when the University is in session, but that's not a problem now. The easiest way to find it is to go to the Campo San Lio and take the bridge on the calle that goes along the Olandese Volante bar towards S. Marina; Al Portego is right at the dead end.

    1. These are some of my favorite places for cicchetti. I like them not necessarily because the cicchetti are the best (though most are good, some very simple) but for the ambience, the wine selection or the location. Some are better at lunch, others I like better late afternoon/early evening. These are mostly bacari or enotecas rather than osterias/trattoria that serve cicchetti.
      San Marco: Cavatappi, Vini da Arturo, La Mascareta, Enoteca al Volto
      San Polo: L'Arco, Al Marca, Bancogiro
      Santa Croce: al Proscecco
      Dorsoduro: Enoteca Cantine del Vino Gia Shiavi, Ai Vini Padovani, Cantinone

      1. I'll add to the above: Un Mondo di Vino in Cannaregio and Osteria da Alberto in Cannaregio (an excellent restaurant, but you can also get cichetti at the bar.)

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          Thanks all. Great list of places to stumble upon as we wander the backstreets of Venice. And thanks PBSF for recognizing that ambience and character are as important as the food; simple preparations in a memorable environment are often the best memories. Will post a report when we return.

        2. Anyone been to Pronto Pesce, San Polo 319? It was one of the places Bourdain visited on his Venice show. Looked like a pretty inventive and fresh collection of chichetti.

          For reference for future travelers, Tony also visited Cantina Do Mori (S. Polo, 429), which I mentioned above and is reviewed elsewhere on the Board -- looks like a classic old bacarro and one we plan to visit after wandering the Rialto Fish Market.

          The third place he visited, Al Diavolo e L'Acqua Santa (Calle della Madonna San Polo 561B) looked pretty offal. But we still may give it a try. :-)

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            Pronto Pesce now has a sign in its window -- "Featured on Anthony Bourdain's television show 'No Reservarions.'" I haven't gone in.

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              I was just at Pronto Pesce last week, and it was very good. We had scallops with fresh fennel, as well as a little cornetto stuffed with smoked sword fish. The rest of the food looked good as well, and I would have eaten more if we weren't headed after to Do Mori.

              Yes, Do Mori is a classic. Very warm, inviting ambiance, with copper pots hanging from the ceiling. The cicchetti were all very good, I especially liked the ones with pickled vegetables..