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Jul 16, 2009 01:40 PM

Question RE: Food at Mamaroneck Beach & Yacht Club

Hello, we're planning our wedding and are seriously considering the Mamaroneck Beach & Yacht Club -- we know nothing about the food except a post on Chowhound from Feb 2006 -- any updates for us? We're hoping for some quick reviews... thanks, all! -M&S

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  1. Ask them if they will do some sort of tasting for you. Best way, for all parties, is to get a tasting during another event.
    This is a true test/show of what the kitchen makes en-mass rather than per person.

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      I agree, Jon, about the tasting, but if that is not available quickly ask if you can stop by while they are setting up for an event. We did that at a couple of locations. I particularly liked seeing who the waitstaff actually is, and seeing the food set out just before the guests arrived was very interesting.

    2. hi-we ve been to events there, i recall the food being good, the venue being great, and overlall experience very good and enjoyable, buona fortuna

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        I am going this weekend for a tasting during an event, but I'm just curious what other people's experiences have been like there. Thanks!!

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          Just in case anyone looks up this topic on Chowhound later, I thought I would report back on my experience... the food was extremely greasy and the meats were very fatty. Nothing was healthful, fresh or had any good tastes. If you're looking for a "food wedding" this place is not it. Great location, and nice amenities, but I didn't book my wedding here because of the food.

      2. I actually got married there in May and the food was excellent. Everything was! I would highly recommend it.

        1. I've been to an event there about 2 months ago and thought the food was close to lousy - there's so many better options - keep searching.

          1. BEWARE- Mamaroneck Beach & Yacht is about to undergo major renovations to its main catering building. Research carefully. Jan 24,2010

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              Seriously considering a wedding there this June 2010. Can you tell me what you know about these renovations and where I can learn more? Do you know anymore about the venue/ food/ management? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!