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Jul 16, 2009 01:40 PM

Best French-style patisserie in Chicago?

Does anyone have recommendations on the best patisserie in the city?

Used to live in Paris and loved the eclairs, tartes aux fraixes, tartes aux pommes, religeuses, pain au chocolat, etc., that one could find on virtually every street corner.

For the life of me though I cannot find a place in Chicago that does these right (and by right of course I mean Parisian style). "Sweet Thang" had an awful name but the pastry chef there wasn't too bad, but unfortunately it closed. And Medici Bakery is not bad either, but it's not authentic.

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  1. Try Vanille Patisserie

    2229 N Clybourn Ave
    Chicago, IL 60614-7553
    (773) 868-4574

    Bon chance!!!

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    1. re: Lenzo

      I agree that Vanille is your best bet, but their selections are limited. It is pretty sad that there are no French-style patisseries near downtown or north.

      I just read about Bonjour Cafe Bakery, however, on lthforum and a couple of people had very positive things to say about their selections, including macarons. I am hoping to give it a shot one of these days.

      Bonjour Cafe Bakery
      1550 E 55th St # 52, Chicago, IL

      1. re: BRB

        Bonjour is still excellent for many things but the restaurant changed hands within the family since the original post was written

    2. I like the pastries at Bittersweet in Lakeview.

      It's also a great place for lunch.

      1. Work of Art Cakes at 1332 N. Halstead is amazing, but the selection is usually whatever the owner, Wah, baked extra. She mainly supplies upscale hotels, but runs a small lunchtime retail business. Everything there is incredible.

        1. Try Fritz Pastry at 1408 W. Diversey. He makes Gateau Breton, Macarons, Pithivier, etc. I think you'll be pleased!

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          1. re: missdia

            Get the Almond Croissant - it is quite impressive.

            1. re: missdia

              another vote for Fritz. It's very authentic French pastry but modern. They also have bostok, which you don't find many places (almonds, almond paste, a sweet dough).

            2. This is a limited reply, but I've been very impressed with the croissants at New Wave Coffee in Logan Square, which are the best I've had outside of Paris (and better than many in Paris!). They also have pain au chocolat, which you mention, and croissant aux amandes, along with other less traditional (for the French) fillings.