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Jul 16, 2009 01:35 PM

weston, CT

Any suggestions for dining/eating in the weston , CT area? Any type of cuisine as long as chef/owner has paid attention to quality- no microwave food. Emphasis on local produce is a plus.

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  1. There is only one restaurant in Weston, the name is escaping me but I wouldn't recommend it at all.
    The Schoolhouse at Cannondale in Wilton is very close to Weston and is wonderful. They are very focused on local food.
    Not sure exactly what you are looking for though...

    1. The only restaurant in Weston (as per sibeats post) is Cobbs Mill Inn. They recently changed chefs and menu. New menu looks interesting but I haven't been there so can't comment. You might want to search this board for posts about Westport restaurants. Westport is one town south and has a wide range of dining options have local focus, including Dressing Room at the Westport Playhouse.

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        Man...I was having a major brain cramp...couldn't come up with Cobbs Mill to save my life! I've never heard anything good about it, before or after the new chef, other than the beautiful setting.
        IPcook...give us more info and there are plenty of local CHers who will point you in the right direction!

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          thanks for your help so far
          anything within 25 miles-would work for us-bring your own wine is great if possible and i know ahead of time
          is there a web site for schoolhouse in wilton?
          place doesn't have to be fancy-emphasis should be on the food-could be italian, french, seafood, thai, chinese-interesting is more important than particular cuisine-i think price wise up to $50/person is ok.

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            Paci in Southport is very nice italian. Handmade pastas are great.
            Harvest Supper in New Canaan is one of our website though. If you search this board you will find lots of threads on Harvest.
            In SoNo (South Norwalk) we like Match, Wasabi Chi, Barcelona, Osetra.
            Dressing Room in Westport does the local sustainable thing but I have not enjoyed the food there. Others like it though.
            Osianna in Fairfield does nice casual mediteranean...we like the small plates.
            Cafe Manolo in Westport recently opened, we had dinner there about a month ago and really liked it...spanish food, tapas, etc.

            1. re: sibeats

              thanks again
              schoolhouse looks interesting -little pricey , but we made a reservation for Saturday night -
              the website isn't clear but it appears they have their own wine list-have you liked any wine in particular?

              1. re: IPcook

                They do have a wine list, but I have to say my husband always orders the wine so I don't recall much of it...if you call the Schoolhouse I'm sure they'd be happy to fax you over a's not a particularly long list, just one page on the menu.

                1. re: sibeats

                  thanks-hope i can help you if you need a recommendation in northern new jersey or the city

                  1. re: sibeats

                    We had dinner at the Schoolhouse on Saturday and enjoyed the food , the atmosphere and the very friendly service. We both loved the use of our name on the menu. We dined outside and it was a treat to have them get the fire going and finish our meal with the crackling background. The food was quite good, indeed my companion felt the foie gras was the best she has tasted. I would comment if the restaurant is reading CH that the dishes are a bit pricey, and i would suggest offering a fix priced three course dinner on weekends at about $50 . Thanks for your suggestion

                    1. re: IPcook

                      Glad you enjoyed the Schoolhouse. I think they have a $40 fix priced menu on thursdays, or at least they used to. We've only eaten outside once, and it was delightful!

        2. There is plenty of good eating in Westport, and lots of choices of cuisine. I wouldn't, however, rule out heading north towards Georgetown/Route 7, as an option. The Schoolhouse, as sibeats suggests, is really the best in the area. Olives, in Georgetown (technically Redding) is fun, deli/gourmet store by day, Uruguian restaurant by night (weekends, only). BYOB. They serve this huge platter of tapas, and it's always interesting.

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            Actually it is known as the Olive Market in case you are trying to search it out. Seating is limited but we have enjoyed the tapas and the vibe.