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Jul 16, 2009 01:29 PM

Two Nights in Portland

We have two nights in Portland. We made reservations at Fore Street one night and 555 the next. Are those good choices? I saw some mixed reviews about 555, which made be question that choice, since there are so many good places in Portland. Advice?

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  1. You should consider quantifying your tastes for us. They're both very good, but so are Bresca and Hugo's, to name the most serious other contenders right now.

    * I wish I could put Evangeline in this list, but I've had far too much cooked-to-death chicken there.

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      Fair point -- but I guess I don't have some particular "taste" -- I just want places that are really excellent for what they are. Cheap dive, 5* fancy, seafood, ethnic, whatever -- so long as it does whatever it is trying to do superbly.

    2. Just visited 555 this past sunday with my wife and had an excellent meal. We got the figs in a blanket for an app which my wife loved (I'm not big on blue cheese when it's solid nevermind as fondue). My wife got the pepper crusted scallops in vanilla/carrot emulsion which she raved about. I got the hanger steak with olive oil mashed potatoes, carmelized shallot and spinach which was great. Cooked perfect med/rare. For dessert we got the chocolate torte with strawberries which was great (nice to have strawberries instead of the raspberries you see more often). We also got the cherry filled spring roll which had a little to much sesame in the coconut sauce. Hope this helps.