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Best Connecticut Sandwiches Near Guilford

I like sandwiches.

I'm originally from RI and there seem to be a lot of good sandwich places there, especially in the neighborhoods that were Italian-centric.

Haven't found anything great in CT, especially near Guilford. Anyone have good sandwich recommendations in the area? New Haven? Branford? Guilford? Madison? Clinton? Really anywhere in the area.

Bonus points if it's a "sub" style sandwich place. I've enjoyed the sandwich place in the Thimble Islands area, and a couple coffee shops have sandwiches but it's not the same as that Cold Italian on a Grinder type of sandwich.

Double Bonus points if it's open past 5 PM during the week.


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  1. Old Schoolhouse Deli in Madison is fantastic- great wraps and sandwiches. Bradley and Wall in Madison is also a great Italian deli with terrific pizza as well. People seem to like Balladino's in Madison, but the 2 times I went in there, I was totally turned off by the rude counterpeople.
    In Guilford, there's a deli in the Sunoco station- don't be turned off by the appearance, b/c they have some great subs- great tuna fish, and I've had an awesome pork roast sandwich from there. Probably your best bet for a grinder type of sandwich. The Guilford Food Center on the green makes some good subs as well.
    If you're in for the trip, Katz's on Temple St in New Haven has AMAZING sandwiches- a great jewish deli, with great rye bread and piles of pastrami and corned beef. And their soups are to die for.

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      For Guilford, I second the recommendation of the place next to (not in) the Sunoco station (rte 1 and Fair Street). Guilford Food Center is good too, as is Forte's (the butcher, rte 1 and River Street).

      In the little shopping strip next to Trav's Mobil (rte 1 and River Street), where there was for a few months a Quizno's that never really opened for business (interesting story there, actually), there is now something called "US Toasted Subs." Has anyone ever been there? Just curious.

    2. Bradley and wall is solid. Glad I peeked in I'm going to check out the sunoco station deli :)
      If it's the one I am thinking it is part of the station.

      Also not sure if they are doing subs only at lunch but people in Guilford are nutty about Pasta Avest Post road down near McDonalds.

      1. Head into Clinton and go to SalDemarco's-- it's on the south side of Rt 1 after you pass town center. You'll love it.

        1. In New Haven, you can't go wrong with Nica's Market on Orange Street. It's a small Italian grocery store that also makes some sandwiches and prepared food. The paninis are to die for! I don't know about grinders but I think they make them as well. The other prepared stuff (pizza, salads, etc) and gelato, bakery items, etc are all excellent. Doing your grocery shopping here is pricey, but the sandwiches are reasonable ($5-8).

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            Well, if we're going to go into New Haven, there are lots of choices. One I like is Zoi's, on Orange just north of Grove:
            They make lots of good sandwiches (all the usual, and daily specials), but I'm particularly pleased that they have come to accept that "panini" is the PLURAL of "panino".

          2. Thanks for asking! And thanks to everyone for the great recs. Good take-out sandwiches near the beach are invaluable!

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              Reporting back, after my wife and I had the chance to try two of the recommended places:

              First we went to Zoi's on Orange. Zoi's is quite good, nice sandwiches and salads. Small shop but definitely a great choice if you're looking for a quick weekday snack in New Haven. Lots of people getting food there too, so it seems pretty popular. Unfortunately I'm not in New Haven during the day M-F very often, so Zoi's will be a rare treat for me.

              On another day, we went to the Sunoco station in Guilford. This is very close to what I was looking for, and right down the street from me. There's very little signage to indicate that it's a sandwich shop. It's in the building that would typically be the convenience store next to the gas station. They have a couple convenience items like candy and cigarettes, but most of the store is the sandwiches and related snacks. Had a cold Italian sub there, and it was quite good- it's probably as close as I'll get to Rhode Island type sandwiches in this area. I'll be going there a lot.

              I'd already been to Pasta Avest, and though it's not what I'm looking for in this thread, they have very good and fast hot sandwiches. Decent pizza and pasta as well. I usually get a chicken parm sandwich there.

              Haven't tried US Toasted Sub yet, but went there once when it was Quizno's. What's the interesting story behind the Quizno's switch, Linguist? I'll probably give US Toasted a try sometime soon, along with the Old Schoolhouse Deli in Madison and SalDemarco's in Clinton.

              Also, did Katz's in New Haven move or close? I was going to go there as I'm often at the Criterion Cinemas across the street. Unfortunately, they're not there anymore.

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                Balladino's in madison very good.
                P &M in branford is very good also and now is open past 6 again
                both places have very good bread which is key to any good Italian combo.

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                  If you went to that Quizno's when it had that name, your timing was very precise. It opened as Quizno's, and then closed almost immediately, with no explanation. For a long time, it was just always closed, and no one knew what was going on. It seems Quizno's is somewhat famous for abusing their franchisees, forcing them to buy products and sell their sandwiches at prices that make the operation uneconomical, and speculation in the local paper was that the operator of this place was in a battle with national management. As far as I know, the real situation was never clarified, and one day the Quizno's sign went down and a "coming soon - US Toasted Sub" sign went up. As that, the place seems to be surviving, though I haven't heard from anyone who has actually eaten there.

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                    spoke with the Quiznos "owner/mgr" once - and at the time she said she was having a terrible time finding workers. This was about 1.5 - 2 years ago.

              2. Deli 'n More. It's in the gas station on Rt 1 on the left side headed towards Madison. It's before the bank and the turn to go North on 77. Best Sandwiches in the area. Period. Balladino's ain't bad either.
                For dessert go to 4&20 Blackbirds Bakeshop...all from scratch and they use REAL butter. Best stuff around.

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                  Katz's in downtown New Haven across from the cinema has closed. The Katz's on the New Haven-Woodbridge line is still open and has the best Jewish-style deli in the area.

                  If you want Italian, I can recommend two great places:
                  * Johnny Salami's at Long Wharf, next to the Long Wharf theater. Fabulous and huge sandwiches of all kinds, plus hot entrees and salads.
                  * Corso's on Route 1 in West Haven .. ditto.

                2. I see a lot of great reviews on Yelp for Roni's in Guilford. I haven't gotten here myself, but its on my short list. Here's the link;

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                    Regular Yelp users believe those reviews to be, um, owner-inspired. They are from people with very few reviews, and they repetitive in content and style. Still, it sounds like an interesting place . . .

                    1. re: zoe p.

                      Oh like there isn't a lot of that going on in here? I call out a lot of owners reporting on their own places. The guy from Limelight in Brandford was posting his whole menu and nothing was said.
                      In any event......
                      In Guilford, Rostacceria, spelling maybe off a lot but it is in the same plaza as 4 and 20 bakery. Nice grilled panini's, great salads and desserts to die for. Red velvet cupcakes! Do you need another reason?

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                        Oh there is PLENTY of that going on at CH. And sometimes it is harder to spot or track . . .

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                            We actually do have pretty good tools for spotting and tracking shills but we do rely on reports from our users, so if you see something that you think is fishy and not in keeping with our guidelines for restaurant owners at http://www.chowhound.com/topics/36760... please do use the Report link on the post, and we promise we'll look into it.

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                          After checking all the 5 star reviews on Roni's, they seem to be from one time reviewers, I'd have to admit they may very well be shills.

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                            Update again. Got my first deli sandwich from Guilford Food Center, and it was huge! Easily double the size of sandwiches at the Sunoco sandwich shop on Rt. 1.

                            The Food Center sandwiches are not quite as good as at Sunoco, but if you're looking for a big sandwich at about the same price as Sunoco, Food Center is the place to go.

                            I've actually eaten at Roni's sandwich. It's nothing like the other sandwich places that are being described here. It's pretty good food, but it's a sit-down type place really. Interesting stuff, I can't recall exactly what I ate as it was probably 6 months ago. Something pancake-like maybe with syrup and sweetness. My wife got something else. Very, very slow service, very, very small seating area. But maybe worth a visit if you're in the area, though it's expensive as well.

                            I just read through the thread again and I've got a lot of places to check out still! Thanks for all the recommendations. I'll report back.

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                              Hi, I live in Guilford also and would like to recommend two places (I don't like the guy who runs the Sunoco but they make a decent bagon, egg and cheese). The first is P&M Deli previously mentioned...I love their portobello paninis w/ fresh mozzarella, my kids like the lemon chicken on a sub. If you want a meatball or chicken parm you have to go to Tolli's pizza in East Haven and if you're looking for the best stuffed bread try the cheesesteak bread at Aniello's also in East Haven....it's the bomb!! I heard the old Andy's market in East Haven opened up again but I haven't tried it yet. I've never ordered sub at Guilford Food Center because their cold cut selection doesn't appear to be great but my husband says their fried chicken is terrific.

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                                Andy's actually closed again. The sign in the window says they are reopening in the fall.

                                1. re: triggs73

                                  Definitely a bummer about Andy's Market. Such a beautiful job renovating(not too mention their offerings). In speaking with them next door they seem intent on in fact "relaunching" this fall. Wonder how it might be different?