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Jul 16, 2009 12:15 PM

Loved the Newcastle (ME) Publick House

Stopped by this place on a whim the other day and loved it. The Newcastle Publick House is located on the feeder road which routes traffic to Damariscotta/Newcastle from Rt. 1: an old brick building on the left just as the road bears right for Damariscotta.

Excellent food: a wide-ranging menu with many local ingredients. Very reasonable prices and servings. Best little wine list I think I've ever run into. Dining available inside or on an outside patio (although traffic is loud). We loved everything we had. A standout fish chowder, also great salads and a lobster BLT. A serious range of fresh homemade fruit pies for dessert.

Small niggles: the lobster BLT seemed to have only claw meat. I didn't tear it open to double-check: honestly, in a sandwich like this it didn't matter. And the peach pie was bulked up with what seemed like tapioca: bad idea, especially when peaches are at the peak of the season and as cheap as can be. Nice fresh homemade crust and great flavor, but "B" for stretching the filling like that.

Don't let the niggles put you off tho: this is a very nice find. (Google Map, and slightly wrong. It's a tiny bit further down the road, right at the corner.

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  1. Found these on the web. Hope it's not overkill.

    1. We loved this place, too! Just in the area for a rainy week (which we expected to be a beachy week) with our two youngsters. We stumbled in for dinner one night. The kids had wonderful (and cheap at $4) kids meals with drinks--pizza--and my husband ate his share of it. We shared the pulled pork sandwich (fantastic--complete with smoker outside in the parking lot) and a lovely burger. My hubby had some yummy fish chowder to start. We all shared a really nice mixed berry pie with delish ice cream for dessert. The crust wasn't quite as good as my Gramma's but it was pretty good, and we were all happy to scrape the plate clean.
      The next day we found ourselves in the neighborhood and were scared of all the other restaurants b/c we were afraid we would go someplace else and be sad that we had not chosen to go back to Newcastle Publick. So we went back for lunch. This time we each had our own (still wonderful) pork sandwich with excellent not-too-mayonnaisey coleslaw while the kids had grilled cheese and a very generous burger plate (still only $4 per kid with drink included). Wait staff was charming and helpful, atmosphere was clean, bright and classy without a hint of stuffiness, and the restrooms were clean (important when you have little ones that touch everything!). My kids loved the coloring books provided at the start of the meal and enjoyed looking thru to see what other kids had done before they picked the pages they wanted to color. We chose the more modest menu offerings b/c we were trying to keep to a modest budget, but the menu included a wide range of offerings and the more upscale options did sound lovely.