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Jul 16, 2009 12:07 PM

Recommendations for anniversary dinner in Edmonton

Looking for some recommendations for our first Anniversary dinner here in Edmonton? Somewhere romantic for the two of us..

I didn't realize it was Fork Fest, so when I called around most restaurants we would have liked to try were already fully booked at least until the later hours after 8pm..

A coworker recommended Allegro's, but we had Italian just last week (Piccolinno's), so we're not sure we're quite ready for another Italian meal yet.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Wildflower? Haven't tried it myself, but heard good things, and it isn't an Original Fare member so not part of Fork Fest.

    1. Dan's recco of Wildflower is good - I went there for Valentine's Day with my hubby and we had a great time (even on an evening when you shouldn't expect everything to be great - it was). Food was excellent, service polished and professional.

      Another nice spot would be Cafe DeVille - different feel than the polished wildflower, but lovely and good service too. I believe their menus are on their website.

      1. wildflower is a good rec. i know it was under renovations and am not sure if it has reopened, but the manor cafe is quite nice at this time of the year - the patio is lovely and could be a nice romantic night. i would say the food is about as good as at wildflower - but that's, of course, debatable!