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Jul 16, 2009 11:44 AM

where can i find bananas foster in the district?

my boyfriend is dying for some good, authentic bananas foster - and i can't find a good place anywhere (it's our anniversary).

any suggestions?

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  1. I believe banana's foster originated from New Orleans. Therefore I would check with Acadiana near the convention center to see if they have it.

    1. I would check with Acadiana, they might have it since I've seen it on New Orleans menus in the past.

      A quick search on also shows it at CityZen (certainly anniversary worthy), Mon Ami Gabi (in crepe form), and a fondue version at The Melting Pot.

      1. You can also make the commander's palace recipe of it pretty easily at home it is like 4 ingredients, bananas, brown sugar, rum, creme de banana serve over good ice cream... My uncle makes it at home all the time. Just fyi.

        CityZen sounds pretty good to me though. It is also something you might be able to call ahead and request I don't think many places would put up a big fight on such a simple request.

        1. RT's in Alexandria should have it. I know it is not in the District, but it is not far outside of it either.....

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            Been a little while, but if I recall correctly, RT's had a bananas foster cake, but not bananas foster proper.

          2. Legal Seafoods had it a couple years ago. I absolutely hate the restaurant, but I remember they did the bananas foster table side and it was pretty good actually.