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Jul 16, 2009 11:06 AM

NY&C/NY-Chgo Pizzeria OPEN?

Anyone aware if NY&C has opened in Santa Monica? It is supposed to feature both Chicago Deep Dish & New York Thin Crust at 1120 Wilshire. The restaurant will be split down the middle with a New York theme on one side and Chicago on the other. The owners supposedly visited both Chicago and NY pizza places to get the right recipes and techniques for the pizza. Look forward to checking it out especially with so little Chicago pizza in Los Angeles.

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  1. So these are the owners of South - which is the Bar/Southern Food place that took over the old westside dim sum place (blanking on the name at this moment - oh yeah Royal Star). They are opening in the old Toi space.

    1. Not open yet... can't wait to try it!! :)


      1. I'm intrigued, but the divided dining room reminds me of those awful baseball caps that are half one local team, and half another.

        1. Eater LA reports it to open in about 2 weeks.

          1. Rumor has it this place will open in a week, but I see from Phurstluv's post that they've made similar promises before.