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Any Reviews of All Those New Asian, etc. Restaurants on Jamboree in Irvine?

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I must not get out much, as while driving to the Whole Foods in Tustin, I was amazed by all the new restaurants up & down Jamboree. There's a Vietnamese Phanh (??) by Park Place, Tofu Houses, a crepe place, I did see 1 review for Tokyo Table, and a bunch more - any input? Any ramen? Still searching for Saimen (I know, I know, Hawaiian) too...

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  1. lots of good baked goods at 85 degrees. theres another bakery next to chae banh (sucks) called bon epi, which has a very good strawberry creme crossaint.. BBQ chicken is not bad (get the spicy bbq combo w/ fried rice, it's good!).
    tokyo table is overated, overpriced and sucks ass. decor is nice though.

    ajisen ramen is good. lots of variety for your ramen.

    1. Ok if you need something in the area, but overall, big bleh. Some recent threads:


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        LOL - would have helped in my search if I knew the name of the center... thanks! Now, do you know anything about Bluefin? (joking!)