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Jul 16, 2009 10:55 AM

Any Reviews of All Those New Asian, etc. Restaurants on Jamboree in Irvine?

I must not get out much, as while driving to the Whole Foods in Tustin, I was amazed by all the new restaurants up & down Jamboree. There's a Vietnamese Phanh (??) by Park Place, Tofu Houses, a crepe place, I did see 1 review for Tokyo Table, and a bunch more - any input? Any ramen? Still searching for Saimen (I know, I know, Hawaiian) too...

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  1. lots of good baked goods at 85 degrees. theres another bakery next to chae banh (sucks) called bon epi, which has a very good strawberry creme crossaint.. BBQ chicken is not bad (get the spicy bbq combo w/ fried rice, it's good!).
    tokyo table is overated, overpriced and sucks ass. decor is nice though.

    ajisen ramen is good. lots of variety for your ramen.

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        LOL - would have helped in my search if I knew the name of the center... thanks! Now, do you know anything about Bluefin? (joking!)