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Jul 16, 2009 10:53 AM

Ways to use pesto without pasta

I have a couple beautiful pineapple sage plants that smell amazing and I'm thinking of making a type of pesto (more of a sauce since no cheese) with them. Before I do that, though, I'm wondering what I can do with it once its made. I cannot eat potatoes and most pastas, or dairy.
So, any suggestions of what to do with a pesto type sauce? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Can you have any gluten? If you can't eat pasta but can eat bread, you can make pinwheel pesto buns, or use the pesto on a pzza dough. Also you can put it on fish or chicken and bake it.

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      We use spinach/basil pesto as a sort of condiment on sandwiches - think muffalettas w/out the tapenade.

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        Exactly, I mix some with mayo on salami sandwiches. Or mix in with softened butter for flavored butters to use on steamed or grilled vegetables.

        Also make it a little loose, and it can be a condiment for steaks (think chimichurri) and grilled chicken, as well as a vinaigrette, just add your favorite vinegar to it.

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          Also good in hummus, come to think of it. (I wonder how many of us will be making pesto today? Because now I'm craving corn on the cob with a pesto butter in a big way!)

    2. serve it over grilled polenta
      stuff it under the skin of chicken or turkey and grill or roast
      use over fresh tomatoes and corn for salad, or stuff cherry tomatoes with it
      mix with olive oil over shrimp
      mix with mayo and slather on salmon steaks ( i know it sounds weird, but i use mayo like this all the time)
      mix into deviled eggs
      serve over roasted eggplants and zucchini
      use as a garnish for white gazpacho

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        The tomato and corn salad with pesto sounds amazing!
        What is white gazpacho?

      2. pesto is fantastic in 'dinner eggs' - i make soft scrambled eggs with asparagus, shrimp and a dollop of pesto for a quick, comforting meal

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          What a great idea - I eat eggs for dinner all the time, but never thought of putting pesto on them. Too bad asparagus is out of season, but I'll sub in zucchini, of which I have plenty. Thanks!

        2. You can coat boneless chicken breasts with pesto and grill them. If you can eat mayo, mix a little pesto and mayo together to coat a toasted roll, add some juicy sliced tomato and some greens, and you have a tasty, easy sandwich.

          1. I roast veggies and then when done toss them with pesto.

            I also adore grilled cheese and tomato and pesto sandwiches. Preferably with sourdough.

            It is really good on chicken either after cooked or partially cooked, shmear with pesto and then with parm or mozz cheese. YUM