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Jul 16, 2009 10:47 AM

Moving to the LES - need tasty local spots

Hello! My boyfriend and I are moving to the LES (Ludlow and Houston intersection). We would love to hear about great local spots, hidden gems, etc. that we can add to our dining repertoire.
He prefers Middle Eastern food, while I love Asian (Thai, sushi, Korean, etc.) Any price categories from cheap to exorbitant-we'll take any advice.
We also love to drink, so bar recs would be welcome too!

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  1. My favorites in the LES are Kuma Inn, 'inoteca, Shopsin's, Roni-Sue's, Katz's Deli, Russ & Daughters, Clinton Street Baking Company, Alias, Stanton Social, Donut Plant...

    For bars, I like Marshall Stack and Spitzer's corner for beer, and White Star (early bird special), Allen & Delancey's front bar (1/2 off on Tuesdays), or Milk & Honey. Friends of mine also seem to like WD-50 a lot for drinks, they have a small bar in front.

    These threads might help:

    1. lil' frankies at 1st and 1st! Delicious pizza and more!

      1. epsteins on stanton is a good bar. they have great specials. tuesdays everything is 2 for 1. i recommend the burger or one of the chix sandwiches. they also do 2 for 1 burgers with yummy bloodies on sundays. low key n'hood spot.

          1. Kampuchea (Cambodian) has the best duroc pork sandwiches, the 2 of us ordered 3 for lunch once. Kinda pricey for a sandwich but very worth it. Nicky's for bahn mi - go before 7 as they will run out.

            Plus you are a stone's throw away from all the really tasty and cheap food in Chinatown.