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Jul 16, 2009 10:17 AM

Sliceria, Sunset Park

My husband and I decided to order from Sliceria last night after reading a mention of it on Serious Eats. THe website was malfunctioning a little bit (I think) since I was told on the phone that delivery to my street (42nd) was fine but on the site, it said "can't deliver to that address". This was a minor inconvenience since I'd wanted to pay with plastic, which the guy on the phone said was only possible online. No matter, I ordered over the phone; half-sausage large pie!

It arrived pretty promptly and hot and the delivery kid was nice - plus, I don't think they charged us for the half-sausage since our pie was $10!

I was pretty impressed with my first bite - nice balance between sauce and cheese, a little browned but not at all dry, crust was a good balance of crusty and a little chewy. My one complaint on taste - and my husband agreed - was that the sauce was really rather sweet! It was sort of odd to notice it after one slice, but there was definitely a sweetness that detracted from the pie.

Another thing: although the reviews said neapolitan it really was a lot more like NY street slice than anything else. However, you could definitely tell they were more superior ingredients - the cheese actually tasted like cheese - than some of the crappy pizza places that unfortunately you find in Sunset Park.

Altogether I'd say it was a solid 7 out of 10 for decent, polite delivery, good prices, and decent ingredients. Plus, I'm pleased to see new businesses open in Sunset Park with enthusiasm. Not sure I'll switch from Johnny's but I'll definitely try it again in a few months to see if they've improved their formula as they go!

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  1. I haven't seen these reviews calling it neapolitan, but there own website would agree with you. They say they are looking to do a "classic (NY) slice". Which according to me would be simple, fresh pizza made with good ingredients and sold at a fair price.

    I suppose what is confusing is that their motto "autentica pizza italiana" should probably be "a real NY slice" instead, or something like that. Nothing wrong with that if they do it right.

    Perhaps with all the talk of the gourmet, fancy pizza places, combined with the decline in quality of the standard slice joints, a decent, honest NYC street slice has perhaps become seen as something of an endangered species worthy of "reviving". Maybe they are on to something now that I think of it.

    1. When I was a kid, Neapolitan meant round and Sicilian meant square, simple as that.

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        Still does. At least here in old school Brooklyn. "Neapolitan" being a classic NY round pie used for slices. Usually noted as such on the board/menu but rarely spoken out loud. Before everything got so complicated, a plain (tomato and cheese) slice of "Neapolitan" was what you'd get in NYC when you said "gimme a slice." Sometimes the word "regular" might be used to distinguish from square/Sicilian.

        These "Neapolitan" pizza are really classic NY pizza, having virtually nothing to do with the pizza made in Naples, which most of these "new wave" of pizza places are attempting to duplicate. Sliceria obviously is not part of this :"new wave".

        1. re: boccalupo

          Regular and square, exactly, how simple it seemed. The Totonno/Lombardi/original Patsy tradition was indeed always the echo of the classic Neapolitan style, a few steps removed. Ffor us, in 50s/60s South Brooklyn, it represented something different from the corner parlor--enjoyed as an special destination treat, in a simple family place drinking Manhattan Specials on a Friday night. There were also many taverns with coal ovens back in the same day (Sam's on Court St is a temple to them), including Red's in Borough Park. Be interested to find out what pizza was indeed like in Naples back then, as it was being transplanted here, and if that template bears any relation to today's.

          1. re: bob96

            I love Sam's. Long Live Sam's. That's all I need to say.