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Jul 16, 2009 10:07 AM

Pushback on Red's Eats Lobster Roll

I know that it is practically a religious truth that Maine's best Lobster Roll is at Red's Eats in Wiscassett. I've eaten there several times, most recently a couple of weeks ago, and I feel the need to push back a bit.

I absolutely do appreciate that you get a TON of lobster for the price. However, I find something about this sandwich to be less appetizing than it absolutely should be. First...can it rightly be called a lobster roll? i'm no fan of a mayo-drenched "lobster salad" roll, but I do believe there should be some kind of dressing or something to bring it all together. The little bit of mayo you get is too difficult to apply to the sandwich yourself. I usually use the butter instead.

Also, I find that the chunks of lobster are simply TOO big, especially the tails. They are really almost impossible to bite like a sandwich; you end up yanking on something ice cold, chewy, and stringy. The only feasible way to eat one of these is with a knife and fork...but if I'm going to do that, I'd just as soon have my lobster freshly steamed and hot, rather than refrigerator cold.

i do like the ambiance, the seats by the water, the batter-fried onion rings, and the very friendly people...but the roll just doesn't quite do it for me.

Can someone recommend a great lobster roll that's a bit more lobster-rolly? Something I can actually eat like a hot dog?

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    1. re: im hungry

      Sound like perfectly valid considerations to me.

    2. I understand your comments; sometimes I feel the same way. Though I haven't been to Sarah's in a while, (that's across the street from Red's), I always liked their version of a lobster roll: homemade roll, toasted, filled with lobster chunks that are not overly mayonaised.

      1. Try the one at the Sea Basket in Wiscasset, but it's in a sub roll not the grilled hot dog roll. For a good one on the "authentic" hot dog roll, you're probably looking for The Lobster Dock in Boothbay, The Brunswick Diner, or The maine Diner in Wells.

        1. Five Islands Dock at the end of Georgetown Island, past Reid State Park. Very good lobster roll and onion rings. FFs are crinkle cut which is always a bad tell to me but many eat them anyway. Way more beautiful view than Red's. I agree, Red's is not a lobster roll - more a huge pile of cold cooked lobster on a tiny roll that is soggy by the time you get down to it. And melted butter with cold lobster is a nasty to me - just congeals on the cold lobster meat. I haven't made it to Waterman's but hope to in the future - always good reivews for that one as well.

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          1. re: ElsieB

            Ate Red's last Thursday. A first for me. I'd go there again. I thought it was great but the sentiments expressed above did occur to me. This is just a big pile of lobster (a good thing) albeit cold (not so good) on Wonder bread (not so good) w/drawn butter (good). If I could change anything I'd change out the bread for something interesting -- tastier, chewier, toastier? and I'd at least warm the lobster up to room temp -- which I think would enhance the flavor. Onion rings were great as was the cole slaw. My wife had the excellent grilled haddock served with tasty home made tartar sauce.

          2. The lobster roll at Gilbert's Chowder House in Portland is excellent. Large, butter toasted hot dog bun, lettuce and plenty of lobster meat.