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Jul 16, 2009 10:00 AM

MSP - Galaxy Drive In - Anyone Been?

So, I have heard some buzz about a new Drive-In restaurant taking the place of Wagner's called Galaxy Drive-in.

A quick google search pulls up some not-so-hot reviews of the place, citing undercooked food, poor/slow service, etc....

Now, new restaurants sometimes have growing pains and teething problems, but wouldn't Schussler's experience with previous restaurant ventures preclude this somewhat? I understand a drive-in may be new territory.

I would like to try it but I am curious if anyone has been there and had a good experience, or if this place is a bust.

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  1. If you are referring to the couple of Google reviews it might not be fair to agonize over the Galaxy. Those complaints for a week old re-0pening could very well be just new jitter management problems that will sort themselves out. The one reviewer said Porky's had better onion rings. That tipped me off that he did not have a clue as Porky's has the worst onion rings I have ever tasted from a drive-in (that really is no longer a drive in). Perhaps a troll shill?

    They haven't even posted a new menu yet on their website and it sounds as if they are just using the old Wagner's menu for the time being since they still list as a mainliner on their website the Philly cheesesteak which I found to be good and acceptable at the old Wagners. It is just drive-in food and nothing to get excited about. A notch above chain fast food but nothing special. They can't afford to get too gourmand or they could price themselves out of the park for what they are--a low-cost family alternative drive in. It is the experience that counts. The Shea designed re-model looks nice.

    I haven't been there yet but I did go to Wagner's just before they closed to benchmark it to the new Galaxy. If you are looking for a quintessential drive-in experience give the Minnetonka Drive-in a go on County Rd 15 in Spring Park. They remodeled a couple of years ago and on Thursday nights with all the classic cars gathering you can go back 50 years.

    1. I just went with my parents and two kids last night. I recommend staying away from here for quite awhile. It was a week night at about 6:30. It took us 20 minutes to wait for an open table. Our server gave us menus and we didn't see her for another 10 minutes. She took our order and we maybe saw her once more, with our bill!! We hadn't even gotten our food yet!! They brought our beverages, ( in which the 12 year old looking kid stuck hs fingers into) which were all floats, almost 15 minutes into our 40 minute wait for our food. After we finished our floats ( about 10 minutes) she stopped by and asked if we needed refills. Huh? I'm pretty sure they aren't free. I asked for a water so that I might have something to drink when the food finally got there, but of course I was forgotten.
      Fortunately for us, we didn't have to pay because of some mix-ups on our orders, and short meals for the kids.

      They have some major work ahead of them if they want this place to be a hit, because by the looks of it, they are scaring more people away!!

      1. Had lunch at Galaxy today, not good. We arrived at 11:30 to avoid having to wait for a table. There were 2 tables available, however, they were in the middle of a construction zone. They were putting in big cement tiles between the tables – which meant workers were digging-up grass and mud 2 steps away from our table. There were several empty tables on the parameter of the grounds away from the work, but we were told those were “not in the system yet” so we couldn’t sit there.

        I ordered the chicken sandwich. The chicken itself was fine, but the sandwich came with bacon which was a disaster. It was undercooked and rubbery, so much so that the excess grease caused my bun to be soggy. I tossed the bacon and ½ the bun on the tray and ate the rest with a knife and fork.

        My wife got a cheeseburger that came with the cheese not quite melted ( a pet peeve of mine). She said it was fine, no better or worse than expected. She also ordered onion rings which were also ho-hum.

        We ate, paid our bill and chalked it up as a been-there-done-that-never-to-return experience. I would’ve complained but the place was so crowded and the teenage wait staff so overwhelmed, it didn’t seem worth it.

        Hope other have better luck…sure miss Wagner’s.

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          I am confused. There is a drive in restaurant in Brooklyn Park with a sign indicating that it is Wagners. Is this now Galaxy? I'm making an effort to frequent places in the NW, but I won't go if this place sucks.

          1. re: kevin47

            i was assuming it was the old wagner's drive in in hopkins.

            1. re: kevin47

              There were two Wagner's drive ins. One on Highway 7 in Hopkins, one on Highway 81 in Brooklyn Park. At one point they had the same owner, but haven't for a very long time.

              The Wagner's that is now Galaxy is the one on Highway 7 in Hopkins. The other Wagner's is still Wagner's.

              1. re: Danny

                The Brooklyn Park Wagners is still great, give it a try.

          2. after nearly a year in business, I tried the new Galaxy drivein. I got a $7 chlli dog, which comes with fries.

            so I waited, and the ornaments and decorations are cool, but the $7 galaxy chilli dog was better food for a dog. a no frills hotdog, tasteless chilli, and ooooohh, pinch me...a bun with seeds on it. oh, and the fries....well, they forgot them. I had to go back to the window and ask about them. and no, it wasn't busy, so there's no excuse for that. Plus the frys were soggy...and they had yet 1.5 hrs until closing. I will not ever eat there again. $7? simply awful, even if it only cost $1, I would pass. and the location sucks too. hard to get to, and the fumes from highway 7 probably helped the flavor. save your money and go to an established chain restaurant like Pei Wei, where for $8, you get a great meal.

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            1. re: rizzoe

              The best bet at Galaxy is their S'Mores Kit. Not the greatest ingredients, but a cool concept, and it makes for a nice time sitting around their firepit.

              I could see going there for that, but that's about it.

              1. re: Danny

                Its a great place to take your dog and enjoy the outside. The food is just ok. you go for the nice location and dog friendly and not expect allot from the food

            2. We went about two weeks ago - food was okay and delivered quickly and with a smile. It was a nice place to linger with the family. It wasn't crowded - steady stream of people coming in. Got a nice neighborhood vibe.

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                i have eaten there and was not impressed. i think i might be biased against the entire concept of "up scale drive inn".