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Jul 16, 2009 09:42 AM

Fishmonger Westwood/Bev Hills

I'm in Westwood and looking for a good fishmonger near me. I've heard of Fish King in Glendale, but I think that's too far. And Santa Monica Fish Co. seems to have mixed reviews. Can anyone suggest something else?


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  1. Not really, except for Bristol Farms. Santa Monica Seafood has always been the gold standard.

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    1. re: stevedi

      Santa Monica Seafood USED to be the gold standard, until they moved from the Colorado Ave. location over to the Wilshire Blvd. store.

    2. I'd love to hear some suggestions as well. I haven't been to Santa Monica Seafood since the move and am reluctant to go based on some the reviews.

      1. On Sunday's go to the Farmer's Market on Melrose & La Cienega and fish from Jennifer at the "Smart Fish" stand. It's always amazing!

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        1. re: Obessed

          I was at the West LA Farmer's Market yesterday morning and noticed the Smart Fish Company stand. I decided to buy a wild caught pacific salmon filet (sold as "sushi quality") and ate it that night for dinner.

          WOW! One of the best pieces of wild salmon I've had in a long while. Superior to any of the wild salmon I've purchased at Whole Foods, Gelson's, etc. and on par or better that SM Seafood.

        2. If you have a Gelson's near you, they are very good with their fresh fish.

          1. I personally dont think SM Seafood got any worse after it moved to Wilshire. Its not the greatest fish shop in the world but its still the best on the westside. Whole Foods Seafood department is god awful.

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            1. re: carln

              Before the move, SM Seafood cut fish on the premises -- i.e., they received whole fish (or big chunks of huge fish) at the Colorado Ave. location and cut it into sales-size pieces there. I have been told that since the move, all the fish is cut at their Orange County location, and brought to Santa Monica in sales-size pieces. Can anyone verify this?

              1. re: carln

                I must disagree. I bought Dungeness crab there recently, and it was mushy, had little taste, and cost $23 a crab. They were selling sardines, think bait fish, for $12.95 a pound.

                Further, the fishmonger told me that they would be selling frozen, not fresh Dungeness, from now on.

                I probably have gone there for 50 years, and I am not going back. It is a totally different outfit.

                1. re: carln

                  I am going to miss the old store at 7 am on Christmas Eve.