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Jul 16, 2009 09:41 AM

Best seafood restaurants near Brewster, MA

Hello all!

I'll be visiting Brewster with my family and fiance to celebrate our engagement August 8-10. I'm looking for recommendations for a fun and delicious (very important that it be delicious!) restaurant that has the following:
1. Amazing seafood -i.e. lobster.
2. Excellent wine list and champagne/prosecco options
3. Great desserts or the option to allow us to bring our own dessert
4. Outdoor seating

We can travel (hopefully not back to Boston) and there will be 8 adults and 2 toddlers in our group.

Thanks for your advice and suggestions!

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  1. what about the brewster fish house? obvious, but for a reason.

    1. Brewster Fish House is small.
      Bramble Inn, in Brewster, has at least five seafood entrees. They might not do well with a large group and todddlers.
      Mattakeese Wharf Waterfront Restaurant and Dolphin are not too far away, in Barnstable.

      Recently I did a map of the area around Brewster with Chowhound recommended restaurants. Take a look. Seafood is the light blue (with dot in the middle), balloons. Dark blue with dot are higher end restaurants with varied menus.

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      1. re: Scargod

        We'd heard really good things about Dolphin. Walked in and checked out their menu. It was small and boring is all I remember. We left.

      2. Thanks to all for your suggestions - I'm sure we'll find something great. Otherwise, we'll just order lobsters/clambakes from the market and eat them at home! :)

        1. How about the Impudent Oyster, Vining's or Chatham Squire in Chatham?
          Or Chillingsworth on 6A?

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          1. re: chaz

            I really wanted to go to Chillingsworth but we just ran out of time. Next trip.

            1. re: chaz

              I wholeheartedly agree that Impudent Oyster, Vinings, and Chatham Squire are excellent. I do not know of anything as good in Brewster though I haven't been to Chillingworth in many years. As I recall Chillingworth was quite expensive relative to the others.

            2. Brewster Fish House with out a question. Downside is they don't take reservations. However with suck a large group it would be worth a call. More of an adult place, but, they stop serving around 8:30, so with the little ones, earlier the better. Freshest of fresh seafood. Alway a special or two. Went Fri nite as Striped Bass season just open last week. Went two weeks ago for the opening of Fluke. Always a lobster dish on. Latley pan roasted. Lobsterb soup/chowder/bisque, however you want to lable it is excelent. Better for the cooler weather. As far as the Dolphin & Mattakesse, both are in Barnstable village, and a little drive from Brewster. Mattakesse is on the Harbour. but very touristy, & the wine list SUCKS. Dolphin has gone way down hill over the past few years. Haven't heard anyling about The Del Mar in Chatham. Just opened. the old Friendly's/Roo Bar. Owned by the folks that own the Paddock in Hyannis. Any more qiestions, I'll try & help. Enjoy. Thanx for coming to the Cape.