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Jul 16, 2009 09:38 AM

scallops gone to waste in the freezer...

so i bought a lb of really nice bay scallops (FRESH) to make ceviche when a couple of friends came over last week but was in cooking-schizo mode and changed my menu at the last minute. not thinking, i threw these scallops in the freezer but now don't know how to salvage them - they definitely are not ceviche-worthy now. any ideas?

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  1. If the taste is still right on I would use them in a chowder or a cioppino

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      i'd also go with something stewish. the texture changes too much after freezing to just pan-sear.

    2. I've used poorly frozen scallops before in scallop cakes. Chop about half of them, then blend the rest in the foold processor. Fold both the blended and the chopped with egg, breadcrumbs, old bay, what have you. Form into cakes and chill. Dredge in more breadcrumbs, preferably panko, and fry. I've also folded in chopped, cooked shrimp. Bear in mind that unlike with crab cakes, the scallop is raw, you'll want to cook them a bit more than you would crab cakes.

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        Scallop cakes are a great idea! You can also mix them in a shallow baking pan with frozen/thawed shrimp, lots of butter & garlic, crushed ritz crackers, and have a stuffed seafood bake that'll feed at least four! Have the recipe if interested.

      2. if the surface is not freezer burned I would thaw them and see low they look. I make ceviche with frozen bay scallops all the time. The ones at our markets are not usually fresh but thawed from frozen. If you don't feel you want to eat them as ceviche you pan sear and use in a pasta dish or what ever. Soups and stews would be okay and at the very least you could puree them and use them as a binder for a fish and or shrimp cake.

        1. I thought that Rick Moonen's Brandade of Shrimp and Scallop on Top Chef Masters looked fabulous and uses scallops:

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            It probably is fabulous, but uses pristinely fresh scallops, I'm sure.