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Jul 16, 2009 08:53 AM

best fish store in and around Ogunquit, Maine

We are staying in Ogunquit for 2 weeks and would like to eat seafood as much as possible. Where are the best markets to buy fresh fish near Ogunquit. In past years we have bought our fish in York but wondering what the other choices are.

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  1. I'm sending you a list of most of the fresh seafood markets in Maine, ( Hope this helps you in your search. There seems to only be 1 in Ogunquit but there are 5 in wells. Which is a much shorter drive than to York.

    1. I think that link that Earle has provided is, unfortunately, pretty useless. The Beach Plum in Ogunquit only has lobsters (although it is a great place) and the Seafare market in Wells is gone now about 2 years. Plus the other places listed don't sell fresh fish for you to cook, I think.
      So, this leaves 2 choices for you, both in Wells -- Mike's Clam Shack at 1150 Post Rd has a separate fish market on the premises. Where I go, however, is Hannaford's in Wells, the supermarket. The fish is fresh.
      Have fun in Ogunquit!

      1. On Route 1 in York is a fish market which also sells cooked food and has picnic tables out front- used to be called Finestkind. I believe it is now called York Fish Market.

        1. We get our lobsters freshly steamed at Mike's. We check out their fish, but usually buy at Hannafords which has an excellent fish department - one stop shopping