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Jul 16, 2009 08:49 AM

Source for sushi-grade tuna on the Peninsula?

I want to make a special tuna tartare (using the recipe from Aqua Restaurant). Can someone tell me a great source for fresh, sushi-grade tuna on the Peninsula? Thanks for the help!

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  1. Takahashi Market in San Mateo. They have a website.

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      Thanks for your response. I'll check this out too.

    2. Suruki supermarket in San Mateo, all the way in the back is a fish butcher counter section, carve to order sashimi sold by weight. In addition to tuna which I believe is roughly $20/lb, they have toro as well (almost $30 /lb)

      About a month ago I dropped in and this is what they had in the counter:

      Aji No Hiraki (dried horse mackeral)

      Salmon filets marinated in sake lees (ie sake kasu)

      Stacks of uni trays

      Ama Ebi. $16.95/lb. What they do is weigh the whole thing first. Then they de-shell it for you, leaving only the raw prawn meat and its tail. If you want the shrimp head, you may have to specifically request them to keep it.

      Hirame. $19.95 /lb


      (raw non smoked) Salmon


      Hiramasa - "Australian yellow tail" Surpasses the taste of their regular hamachi.

      Tako (cooked octopus) Mounds of giant octopus tentacles.


      Ikura (salted kind, egg sacs were a little clumpy)

      Hotate (fresh scallop) - $16.95 / lb. Nice plump and delicious.

      Hokkigai Salad (around $4 to $5 for a small container). A really good chopped (cooked) surf clam with Japanese mayo, wakame seaweed bits and what looks like a little bit of tobiko to give it a mild crunch. Very addictive.

      Check the pre-packaged fish for sale refrig next to the butcher's for ankimo (monkfish liver), tuna poke (hawaiian style tuna salad), unagi, amongst pre-packaged combination sashimi or fish blocks.

      Nijiya Supermarket further away also has some good quality sashimi, but prepackaged blocks.

      Suruki Supermarket
      71 E 4th Ave, San Mateo, CA

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        Wow! Thanks for taking all that time for me. I'll definitely make a visit!

      2. Suruki's is great as someone mentioned.

        You can also try Nijiya on El Camino, just south of 92 in San Mateo.

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          Thanks for giving me another option...always good to know good fish sources.