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Jul 16, 2009 08:44 AM

Elderflower Liquer

Anyone know where I can pick some up? I will need it for a cocktail party on Saturday.

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  1. If you are referring to St. Germaine, Blackwells Liqour Store on Geary bet. 20 & 21st Ave. has it

    1. For cocktails, I buy Darbo's elderflower syrup from The Junkett in the El Cerrito Plaza and haven't seen it too many other places. Just in case anyone may need a non-alcoholic substitute for St. Germaine (it's also a great addition to limeade).

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        You can also get that Darbo syrup at the German store on Church across from Incanto, Lehr's German Specialties, which is a fun shop to explore for mustards and other German oddities.

        I'm pretty sure St. Germaine liquer is also available at BevMo.

        For anyone else reading this, I bought some Batavia Arack locally, but now I'm out and can't remember where I found it. Not carried at BevMo or K&L, at least not available last weekend.

        Lehr's German Specialties
        1581 Church St, San Francisco, CA

        1. re: adrienne156

          BevMo also carries St. Germaine.

          Adrienne, how much are the Darbo's syrups at The Junkett? When I first started purchasing it at Berkeley Bowl it was less than 9$, but like everything else, it has gone up in price to like 10$ or 11$. I've seen it at The Pasta Shop on Fourth Street for even more.

          1. re: AntarcticWidow

            Somewhere around $14. What section is it in at Berkeley Bowl?

            1. re: adrienne156

              At Berkeley Bowl Main, it is in the same aisle you can find the oils and vinegar, about 2/3 of the way towards the back of the store on your left. I am presuming it can be found in the identical aisle at Berkeley Bowl West, but haven't checked since my supply is still good.

              1. re: AntarcticWidow

                You can find the Darbo syrups in Aisle 14 at Berkeley Bowl West for 9.45$, but the Elderflower was out of stock this evening. They do have Monin Elderflower syrup about 7.49$-ish.

        2. I had asked this question about two years ago and I found it at Ikea, yes you heard right. I made it with lime juice and vodka martini style inspired by NOPA.