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Jul 16, 2009 08:42 AM

Vegetarian Halloween Brunch

So some might think it is early, but for me, party planning can never be done too far in advance!

I am trying to decide if I am going to be holding a Halloween brunch this year for a group so I am trying to see now what I might be spending - and a big part of that is of course menu. We are in the middle of a kitchen reno right now and have a trip planned for September so I want to be certain that i can pull things off before committing. Figuring out menu now will be a big help.

What types of vegetarian things can you think of that are a little bit gross(looking or just names that can make you wince a little) that can be served during brunch time?

I think my issue is that I don't want every dish centered around eggs or bread/pastry like items. I want to be sure there are plenty of veggies in there. I have plenty of ideas for things like eggs or bread items at this point and want to round out a more healthy style meal - even if it is Halloween. I also have lots of dessert type ideas.

Like a tortellini salad with green colored pasta can be call "Gremlin Ear Salad"

What kinds of things can you think of? Definitely give me those gross ideas please. Not looking for really cutesy here!

I should mention that the party/decor theme would be "Witch"

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  1. White corn salad with pearl onions....teeth and eyeballs?

    Serve pureed soup (pus?) in a hollowed-out pumpkin, one of the heirloom varieties with a warty rind.

    In a Cambodian restaurant, I once had a large-pearl tapioca pudding with mashed banana that was delicious but looked like snot from a really bad head cold.

    1. Don't necessarily think of these for ketchup and mustard. Any vinaigrette with chopped herbs or a runny black bean hummus would work. The black bean hummus could go with a basketful of toasted pita cutouts in the shapes of body parts, like skulls, leg bones, even skeletons cut in half. You may have some cookie cutter shapes already. I have a dog bone cutter and a cat, but I wouldn't call them gross!

      1. There are jello molds they sell for Halloween that are shaped like brains and human hearts - you could do a mushroom pâté shaped like brain and maybe a bean pâté with red food coloring or beet dye for the heart?

        You could have a jackolantern, and serve food out of the top of it, or have a mouth hole & eye holes that the food is spewing out of out of (like a pasta). Or serve food out of a plastic skull with the top of the skull missing. Perhaps a pasta or egg dish that looked like brains or vomit would work for either of these.

        I have a recipe somewhere that I found online for "witches fingers" cookies - they look like real fingers and have bloody fingernails made of sliced almonds and a little bit of red cake gell. Some of the online recipes worked better for me than others - they should not come out flat or puffy if done right, but just like real fingers.

        Split pea soup can look unappetizing... you could call it snot or vomit or something. Or you could serve it in a cauldron with capers in it (newts eyes) and spiral cut zucchini in it (snake tails) and cut pieces of beet (tongue of dog)

        you could do little pieces of marinated tempeh on crackers with cream cheese - and call it burnt flesh on toast. Oh, Spagheti Squash can look kind of gross too, maybe if you had it with some kind of chunky white sauce it could be maggots or something.

        Sounds like fun! I love Halloween. :)

        1. I love those witches finger cookies, and they look absolutely amazing...we used black plum jam for the blood and added strands of lime zest for greeny veins

          You can also serve hot chocolate out of a smoking witches couldron, using dry ice (we served blood punch)

          There are some great recipes for stuffed dates, that can be made to look like cockroaches

          And eyeballs made from lychees and grapes are always a winner (these were in the fruit punch)

          1. A one-dish wonder as inspired by the three weird sisters from <<Macbeth>>:

            Double, double toil and trouble
            Fire burn and cauldron bubble.....

            Fillet of a fenny snake, (casarecce pasta with blood <tomato> sauce, alfredo <pureed maggot> sauce or just plain with crushed garlic)
            In the cauldron boil and bake; (serve in black bowls -- or in a fondue pot bubbling over a small flame)
            Eye of newt, and toe of frog, (I like jitterbug's capers idea for eye of newt! or do caviar / roe; toe of frog could be parsley or cilantro)
            Wool of bat, and tongue of dog, (kiwi fruit skins or just quartered kiwi fruit on the side for wool of bat... could even be cut into the shape of bats; roasted roma tomatoes sliced lengthwise in the pasta for tongue of dog)
            Adder’s fork, and blind-worm’s sting, (dill for adder's fork, string cheese or fresh mozarella pulled apart into strips for blind worms, maybe pine nuts or grated Parmesan for 'stings'?)
            Lizard’s leg, and howlet’s wing, (avocado slices with an indentation in the middle -- skin on, perhaps -- for lizard's leg... place to one side of the 'cauldron' so guests can remove skin prior to eating, vegetarian wings -- like so: -- for howlet's wings?


            For a charm of powerful trouble,
            Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.

            Now I have no idea whether all this will be delicious or not (probably not ;), but it could be a fun dish. You could serve individual ingredients separately in bowls and have the witches concoct their own potions.