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Jul 16, 2009 08:35 AM

At work dessert contest

My work place is having thier annual dessert contest .I have participated for the last three years.
Last year I made Lemon cream Cheese Bars.I lost.Anyway here is my dilema,They give you a paper nut cup to put your dessert in.They call it a" Dessert Tasting contest".The two catagories are" Taste" and "Presentation".How do you present in a nut cup?
I was thinking of making Cake Ball's (chocolate).Chocolate wins every year.
Any other ideas?It's a week away and I could use some help!Thank You! Kiersten

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  1. We do these at my office often and someone won with a chocolate dipped peanut butter ball.

    Other thoughts - flourless chocolate cake? tiny chocolate chip cookies with a sprinkling of salt on top and a bit of orange zest in the batter is a go to for me... toasted nuts or raspberries in chocolate?

    Bummer about your lemon cream cheese bars. I love lemon bars.

    Good luck!

      1. re: tiramasue

        That won the" Taste" category last year.

      2. I made a flourless chocolate cake with ancho chile powder and it was to die for. Presentation will be challenging. What have the others done in the past? You could try to make the flourless cake in tiny muffin pans so they are like a two-bite dessert. Garnish with a tiny hot pepper fixed onto the edge of the paper cup with a small dollop of buttercream frosting. Mini muffin inside the paper cup.

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        1. re: sarah galvin

          I cut mine into bite-size squares before dusting with powdered sugar (and usually add a tbs or so of Grand Marnier or almond liquor to the recipe; ancho chili sounds like a must try).

        2. Maybe you could adapt your lemon cream cheese bars into a ball shape. Or you could make that Velveeta Chocolate fudge, that Paula Deen made on Top Chef, which is balls of fudge on a lollipop stick. The recipe doesn't call for much, but as a final presentation she dipped them in white chocolate and rolled into some nuts. Here is a recipe, but there is a you tube video of her segment on the Ellen show where she made them.

          Actually I think anything on a stick with a little ribbon would be a great presentation - as long as it tasted good, that is ;-)

          1. Wrap your chocolate balls around a maraschino cherry and press a pecan into the top of the ball. Drizzle a bit of cherry syrup that has just a hint of peppermint over all. Serve with mint leaf tucked in alongside.