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Jul 16, 2009 08:24 AM

A Taste Of India

Bought a few of these side dishes at Waldbaum's. Curries etc. Expected slop, but turned out great. Made in India with an Indian Hechscher. Tried two last night; a chick pea curry and a red bean curry. Foil poch wrapped, no refrig needed. Can be microed, boiled in bag or opened and heated in pan. Over one year shelf life. They are either parve or milchig. Very pleasantly surprised.

Bruce in Belle Harbor

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Sorry.. Brand is Kitchens of India

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      1. re: nyy7

        I have tried these too. Not bad but very spicy!

        1. re: azna29

          Here is an old blog on the topic. I would check to see if there are any changes.

          1. re: moonlightgraham

            Different Brand Check out Kitchens of India web site. Amazon has good selection and price also

            1. re: nyy7

              I believe that both companies have the same rabbinical supervision. The kosher symbol is a menora.

              1. re: nyy7

                Can you describe what the hechsher looks like?

                  1. re: havdalahclub

                    I have yet to meet ANYONE, Rabbi or otherwise who is familiar with this hechsher. I can't any bio info on this Rabbi, where he received smicha.
                    So anyone know anything about the supervision?

                    1. re: vallevin

                      The moderators here are very sensitive about discussion of hechsherim, as evidenced by the fact that I had two posts removed from this thread, simply asking what hechsher this product had. When I asked about the removal, they restored one of my posts (which is why it seems above that I'm asking a question which was already answered, but that's besides the point).

                      Anyway, this is what I'll say about the hechsher . . . a few years ago, I went to a public shiur given by R. Yoel Schoenfeld, Asst. Rabbi at the YI of Kew Gardens Hills, and one of the OU's kashrut experts. He went down the list of hechsherim in Kashrut Magazine. He gave the bottom line on the ones he knew about, and said straight out when he didn't know anything about a hechsher. This is one, however, that he DID report on, so if you are so inclined, I suppose you can look him up (you can probably get his email from the OU website), and see if he'll give you the lowdown.

                      1. re: vallevin

                        You could contact a Chabad rabbi in one of the Indian cities to find out the answer to this kashrut question.

          2. Hi! We have used the Kitchens of India and Tasty Bite brands here in St. Louis for the last year or so. We find them at grocery stores near hospitals and shop 'n save.

            They are convenient for a fast supper when we get home late, but definitely are not high quality Indian food. We come home, put up a pot of basmati rice, and nuke the varieties in glass bowls. Yogurt with cilantro and grated carrot or cucumber on the side (ersatz raita).
            That said, please pay attention to the nutrition information on the packages. Some of the varieties contain about 9-11 grams of fat per portion (the packages are generally 2 portions each). Yikes.