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Jul 16, 2009 08:11 AM

A Hound Comes To Hampton Beach and Portsmouth

Next month we will be spending several days in New Hampshire. We like hearty breakfast diner places, local simple food, italian,, brew pubs, or seafood joints at the beach. We are also amenable to ethnic places,
What are you locals most proud of?

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  1. Definately check out The Stone Church in Newmarket... a brew pub with local and organic ingredients and authentic local music. Great time. .

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    1. The Airfield Cafe in North Hampton has great breakfasts and is actually on the local small airfield!! Betty's Kitchen and the Friendly Toast are also institutions.

      1. I would avoid Friendly Toast. Best seafood anywhere is at Al's on Rt. 1 in N. Hampton, and Bob's clam shack in Kittery. Gilly's for hamburgers, and if you like s. italian, take the drive to york and go to Mimmo's, and bring lots of wine. Best seafood joint on beach is Petey's.

        1. I will second winecafe's suggestions. The Friendly Toast is probably the best breakfast place anywhere in this area. Homemade breads and many local ingredients, plus a great, funky atmosphere.
          I'll add Steve's Diner in Exeter to the breakfast list, especially if you like homemade corned beef hash.
          Mimmo's and Bob's are below average tourist dumps, don't see how anyone could recommend them.
          If you are willing to drive 20 minutes or so south, The Clam Box in Ipswich has absolutely the best fried seafood, bar none.

          Enjoy your trip!

          1. Friendly toast definitely a good place for breakfast
            The Beach Plum at North Hampton Beach has great lobster rolls and lots of other seafood snacks and a huge list of ice cream
            Portsmouth Brewery, downtown, has some pretty good pub food and old ferry landing, on the water is good for seafood
            Jumpin Jay's is a little more upscale, but they have fresh fish and you can pair the fish you want with a list of different marinades
            the ice box in new castle is a pretty good seafood shack as well