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Jul 16, 2009 07:45 AM

for tomorrow: moderately priced nice restaurant near hippodrome (baltimore)

Looking for a nice reastaurant for my boyfriend and I near the Hippodrome Theatre.
We're going there tomorrow for a 7pm show and would like to be within a very short driving distance, or even walking.

The price point is moderate to moderately-expensive. (around $20-$40 per person)

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Oof, since Lucy's closed, it's very, very slim pickings near the Hippodrome. The only one I can recommend personally is Salsarita's on West Baltimore Street, which is a cafeteria-style Mexican chain, albeit a good one where you can get booze. You'd be able to walk to the theater and get in and out fast enough for the show. Not a big-night-out type place, but not bad either.

    I haven't been personally, but I've heard nice things about MemSahib, a new Indian place on Lexington Street. It has a prix-fixe menu, and recommends reservations for dinner. It's slightly further afield but not a bad walk.

    Maybe others will have ideas, but I would pick one of these two because anywhere in a short drive is going to have parking issues and I wouldn't want to tangle with parking downtown in rush hour traffic twice with a show to get to.

    1. I'd try Frank & Nic's West End Grille on Pratt, 2 blocks south

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        Ii second Frank & Nic's. Decent place. Decent prices.

      2. Wow I'm surprised to hear Lucy's has closed!! I live close by and used to frequent Lucy's for law school happy hours, but apparently studying for the bar leaves one a bit out of touch! If you're venturing as far as Frank and Nick's I'd recommend the Pratt Street Ale house (conveniently located right on Pratt Street) they have good food as well as a great beer selection.