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Jul 16, 2009 07:38 AM

Cool, modern lounge for a party: 150 people

Hello, I'm hoping all you wonderful San Fran CH can help me. I'm trying to arrange for a birthday party for around 150. Looking for a cool and modern vibe. Something near the San Fran Marriott Hotel would be ideal but is not a deal breaker. The guest of honor is in the hospitality business so impecable service is key. Budget not entirely an issue but presentation is key! TIA! Looking forward to your responses!

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  1. Check out W Hotel..close to the Marriott, and for 150 ppl they have very good space.

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      Thanks energy! I should have said that I'm not looking for a hotel setting as I don't want to get involved with a rental fee, etc. Just looking for a space to have friends get together, have cash bar, have some food, etc. Thanks though!! Much appreciated!

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        I second this.

        ETA: Oops, not for the OP, but in general.

        Bostonfoodie11, just a tip: I can't think of one place any where in the Bay Area where you can have 150 people without some kind of preplanning with the management. Reservations for more than 8 guests will usually be met with a manditory 18% gratuity.

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          Yeah, seriously. To handle 150 people most places you'd have to rent out the whole space, and you'd be looking at a minimum of something around $10,000.

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            ok - good to know. I thought I could find something but I guess not. Thanks!

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              I understand former Officers Clubs can be rented for events. Try the one at the Presidio, or the one at Fort Mason.

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            I agree with other posters: you're not likely to find a place where you can drop in with 150 of your closest friends. However, times being what they are, you might be able to cut a deal with a cool place for a cash bar, passed appetizers, etc.

            I'm thinking about a place called Conduit that I visited a while back [Valencia St., around 15th St?]. It had a hip environment, great bar, and decent-to-good food. It might be worth a call

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              Concur, but I'd also ping the Glas Kat. . They're in that hood, pretty cool, and have room for 800 - they should be relaxed about swallowing 150.

          3. I know it's not near the SF Marriot - but it is Bart-able. In Oakland, the new Fox Theater has opened and has a beautiful bar called The Den at the Fox. My friend had an event for around 100 people or so in April. Great ambiance, good drinks. They did a hosted wine and beer and cash for cocktails. She was able to bring in food / snacks. And it wasn't super expensive.

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              Thanks for all your replies. :) I'll keep you all posted as to where I end up booking. :)

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                Orson is also close by and might cut a deal on a buyout. They are certainly modern, and some might even say "cool".

                1. re: Paul H

                  Thanks Paul! Much appreciated for the tip!

            2. I just went to the opening party of the Penthouse at One Market building. It has gorgeous views of the entire San Francisco Bay, Bay Bridge to Golden Gate Bridge, and the food/catering was done by One Market Restaurant which is also in the building. The space had been furnished, for the party, with ultra modern furniture with multiple seating areas. It was pretty darn cool. I think the One Market Restaurant handles the renting of the space.