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Jul 16, 2009 07:33 AM

Bistros near St. Denis and Rachel

I am hosting someone who operates, and is the chef at, a restaurant in another city (so he doesn't want to go somewhere 'humdrum' or 'average' and they want to go to a bistro near st. denis and rachel next week. We will be going around 5 pm as we have to catch a show at Zoofest at 7 pm.

Any recommendations for an excellent bistro in that area at that time that is also not too too expensive?

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  1. pied de cochon isn't too far out.. a few blocks give or take?

    1. Hmm... Laloux/Pop! aren't particularly far from there either (just off St. Denis on Des Pins).

      1. Part of the problem is that few open before 5:30.

        Au Pied de Cochon's a great suggestion -- humdrum and average are the last words you'd think of applying to it -- and its doors open at 5:00. That said, it's not exactly a quick meal kind of place or one you feel like dashing away from (waddling while holding your stomach and moaning "I can't believe I ate the whole thing" is more like it).

        L'Express is open all day. Unfortunately I'd rate the food as humdrumish.

        Au Cinquième Péché 5:30+
        Cocagne 5:30+
        Le Petit Conti 5:30+
        Les Trois Petits Bouchons 6:00+
        Vertige 5:00+

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          You're an amazing wealth of information, carswell. Not only do you know what's nearby, but what time each place opens :)

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            thanks for the suggestions. Does PDC require reservations for that early hour?
            Where is Vertige and what kind of food is it?

            1. re: williej

              Reservations are always advisable at APDC. If you're going to try to get away with not having them, dropping by very early or very late is your best bet.

              Vertige is one of the city's many contemporary, "market-driven," French-inspired bistros. It's located next door to APDC.

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                PDC fills up pretty quickly most days. Your best bet for a walk-in is right when they open. Even then you may be seated on condition that you clear out in 90 minutes to 2 hours. I always make reservations, because I don't like to rush a meal there.

                Vertige is right next door to PDC. Contemporary French is how I would characterize their cuisine. Here is a link to their website.