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Jul 16, 2009 07:29 AM

LUXE (Cleveland) Family Dinner?

Hey all,

I was wondering if anyone has been to LUXE in Cleveland and tried the "family dinner"? What's it like? ... multiple apps to share? A family-style entree? Individual desserts or shared desserts?

I guess it doesn't really matter or make or break an experience either way, I'm just curious :-)

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  1. Can't speak to Luxe. However, I have heard nothing but raves about Crop's Sunday dinner, which is a family style salad, choice of entree and house choice of sides and desserts for $25pp. I've been dying to get there and try it!

    Crop Bistro & Bar
    1400 W. 6th Street, Cleveland, OH 44113

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      Oooh that sounds very good! I've been dying to get to Crop in general after going to the Gourmets in the Gardens demonstration of theirs last summer (I only live here in the summer so I haven't gone not because I've been lazy ... just busy!) I'd also like to sit at their chef's table.


    2. I like Luxe. I guess I'd say they're provisionally on my favorites list until I see how consistent they are. I prefer it to Crop although I've only been to Crop twice. According to our waiter, the family dinner is a surprise entirely at the chef's discretion. She asked about allergies or other things we wouldn't eat and then went to place our order. The chef came out and discussed the meal, too. I think each of our courses were actually surprises to use and we were happy to go along with that. I don't know whether that's a strict rule. It also seemed like the chef would have happily taken a lot of detailed guidance about what to prepare or what not to prepare even though we just said that we would eat anything.

      We got three courses: salad, entree, dessert. All served family style.

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      1. re: stuart

        That sounds good. What did you state as your preference and what did they bring you?

        1. re: emmaleeb

          We offered no restrictions whatsoever. We got a spinach salad, Cornish games hens with quinoa and a plate of desserts from their standard dessert menu. The salad was good. The hens and the quinoa were good. The blueberry drizzle and the brittle on the dessert plate were good. And it was a perfect casual meal. I wish more restaurants realized that simple meals like that can be appreciated as much as the more common, fussier dishes that are so typical.

          1. re: stuart

            Oooh sounds good. Nice pictures - thank you! I think I'll check this out when my friend is in town.

            And I agree. The best dishes sometimes are those with just a few simple, but incredible fresh and quality, ingredients.

            Also. Your name sounds really familiar. I think I've probably stumbled on your blog googling everything Cleveland recently. :-)