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Jul 16, 2009 07:16 AM

Iowa City lunch -- sushi is good

Any suggestions for a good lunch in Iowa City? We're pescetarian, so no beef/chicken/pork but we do fish and sushi would make us very happy -- but it has to be good sushi! And I know, someone will suggest that i do a search because probably this question has been answered before -- I'm sorry for t he repetition. But when I do a chowhound search on Iowa City sushi I get sushi in Detroit and sushi in Chicago and burgers in Iowa City and a coffee house in Ames....

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  1. You know... others may disagree but I think that Oyama is the best around here. Despite the strip mall location, its the one place that never seems to do me wrong. The sushi and sashimi are always fresh and reasonable.

    Oyama Sushi
    1853 Lower Muscatine Rd, Iowa City, IA 52240

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      I really like Oyama as well. Also the Sushi counter in the Old Capitol mall is pretty good, but they stick to the most popular things (tuna, salmon, yellow tail).

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        Oyama is very good and they have a great variety of offerings. Sit at the bar and enjoy.

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      1. I'm a huge Oyama fan. Their fish is always incredibly fresh, and they have fabulous signature rolls. The sweetheart roll is fabulous; I've made all of my friends try it and they all love it. Very friendly staff, excellent quality... I can't say enough about it.

        I live right by Sushi PoPo and have had bad experiences there. Their fish quality is not excellent and they have horrible customer service. I once waited for an hour to get waited on. Not a great place...

        Three Samurai has a fabulous roll with beef on top (I know it sounds weird, but it's delicious! Not for a pescetarian, though...) but sometimes their rolls are skimpy with the fish. Also, the fish quality isn't as excellent as Oyama. However, they have a great happy hour with very cheap rolls, so I'd try it at least once.

        Takanami is great and offers free edamame (or at least they used to!) but a bit overpriced and parking is difficult. Their fish quality is very good, which is always the most important to me.

        For value, freshness, and tastiness, go for Oyama. Plus, plenty of parking!