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Jul 16, 2009 06:52 AM

help: italian place in soho, possibly spring and thomson, garden, choc pasta


I am trying to remember this restaurant I went to once in soho- i think it was either on or near spring and thomson. It was in the middle of the block and had a lovely outdoor garden. there is/ or at least used to be a pasta on the menu and either it was in some sort of sauce that had cocoa or maybe the pasta itself contained cocoa
does anyone know what this place is?

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    1. It might have been Fiamma, which closed early this year. Upscale Italian. They at one point served a chocolate pasta with wild boar ragu.

      It was on Spring St. between Sullivan and 6th Ave.

      1. Barolo? The garden side is on Thompson.

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          This is probably the one OP was thinking of. Barolo has a wonderful outdoor garden and I think they've offered chocolate pasta from time to time as well.

        2. Is it a little place called Country Cafe?

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            it was barolo thank you all SOOO much