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Jul 16, 2009 05:41 AM

Vegas—coolest food shops?

Any great, unusual, chowish gourmet shops in/around town?


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  1. Here is one shop that's been mentioned on the boards! I've yet to check it out!

    1. Payard Patisserie at Caesar's Palace. They make macarons every other day. And the desserts are fabulous!

      Payard Patisserie & Bistro
      3570 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

      1. Vosges Haut Chocolat, in the Forum Shops at Caesars. It's on the bottom floor of the area with the spiral escalators. All sorts of exotically flavored chocolates, from the Red Fire (chiles) to the Black Pearl (black sesame with wasabi and ginger) to Naga (coconut and curry powder). Certainly not cheap, but oh my goodness is it delicious!

        Vosges Haut-Chocolat
        3500 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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        1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

          Mmm, I love Vosges—but is there anything local/independent? Doesn't have to be on the Strip.

          On that note, the more research I do into Vegas, the more unchowish it seems—can anyone prove me wrong? I DON'T of course mean there isn't good food there—I know there's fabulous, world-class food there. But when I look at blogs, it seems to be the high end of ELV or the chains of Off the Strip (really, reviewing Applebee's?), with nothing in between. Where are the neighborhood places and bloggers who love them? Can anyone help me out here? I'm sure I'm way off base and need enlightening, and my ears are open!

          1. re: tatamagouche

            On the same chocolate vein, Ethel M is based out of Vegas. They have a free factory tour, and there's a cactus botanical garden on the grounds as well.

            Vegas suffers the same fate as my hometown, Phoenix; the chains are far more visible than the indie places. Good eats off-Strip do exist! Lotus of Siam gets talked about here constantly. Hot 'n Juicy Crawfish is a recent darling. Rosemary's gets constant raves. Lindo Michoacan for Mexican. You'll have to comb the boards a little more closely, but the search can be very well worth it indeed.

            1. re: tatamagouche

              You will find dozens and dozens of posts on this board describing terrific non-Strip, non-high end places here. Las Vegas is far from "unchowish"; it is one of the best restaurant cities in the country - high end, low end, and everywhere in between.

              1. re: Friend of Bill

                Maybe I should have said I'm not finding the chowish resources, beyond Chowhound itself, of course. There don't seem to be an enormous number of bloggers relative to the size of the dining scene, for instance. But again, I could be entirely wrong, and will continue to comb the boards. I realize the majority of posts are probably locals asking for the same special-occasion recs over and over.

                Let me ask it this way—which chefs/restaurants do you locals credit with doing the local-seasonal thing well, really trying to work with local producers? I read an article from 2007 that suggested that sort of thing was just beginning to happen then, partly because Nevada's not exactly a gardenous (is that a word?) state; I couldn't help but wonder if it was also because the "best" restaurants are in hotels and therefore somewhat hamstrung when it comes to purveyor choices.

                So that's my first question. The second is, what resources do you all use outside of Chow? I asked that on the media board but no answers so far.

                Finally, to reiterate, I definitely don't mean to harsh on Vegas. All cities have their advantages and disadvantages, though, and it occurred to me that Vegas's might, as an economic matter, be that it lacks the mid-range somewhat. (Here in Denver, for instance, I've come to feel that what I've lost in diversity I've gained in dive bars.)

                1. re: tatamagouche

                  I meant visitors asking locals for the same recs over and over.

                  1. re: tatamagouche

                    John Curtas is the local food critic for NPR. He has a website: I think he does a good job at splitting his reviews between Strip restaurants and local places. Also, he posted not too long ago about a farmers market held at the Venetian hotel. I seem to recall Mario Batali being involved with it. Otherwise I haven't found any other notable sites.

                    As the city grows there are new places popping up all the time, so there is definitely not a shortage of restaurants to investigate.

                    1. re: curiouscook

                      Thanks to all! Again, I didn' t mean to suggest Vegas wasn't a great food town. It obviously is. I'm just looking for the beyond-CH resources that point me where hounds would go.

                      If there really aren't any of you local hounds with a blog, one of you should start one!

                      1. re: tatamagouche

                        Agreed that there is nowhere near the food/restaurant blog activity here that there is in other cities. One surprisingly good source for "finds" happens to be Las Vegas Weekly - not the actual weekly review itself (although sometimes it will be a good find), but the little blurbs in the restaurant guide that follows the review section. It is of course also on line, but the listings tend to be somewhat different. (This week happens to be the "restaurant issue", btw).


                          1. re: Friend of Bill

                            brilliant, just checked out 'vegasmusings' and loved it, thx FoB
                            also reminded me that in my neck of the desert, nw vegas, there is nothing for indian and I really need a lamb biranyi fix
                            and more on local treats, Deli Den up here has great rugelach....oy vay

                          2. re: Friend of Bill

                            Thanks! Yeah, I found that I actually am getting a real kick out of the LVW videos. I like how they cover the gamut from the silly—the guy attempting to finish the 6-lb. burrito—to recipes with chefs/bartenders. Pretty cool little feature.

                            But as for the blogs—looks like it's up to you, FoB!

                      2. re: tatamagouche

                        "Let me ask it this way—which chefs/restaurants do you locals credit with doing the local-seasonal thing well, really trying to work with local producers?"

                        Oh! Since you put it that way, let me try and answer you.

                        There are no local producers! We're in the middle of a huge desert out here. You should see the local farmers markets. Most dismal experience on the planet. Virtually all of the produce is trucked in from California and it's days older than anything you can buy anyplace where the rain falls. There are some farms up in Logandale and Overton close to the northern tip of Lake Mead, but the goods they grow are less than stellar. IT'S A DESERT. Nothing grows out here besides lizards and cactus.

                        1. re: shamu613

                          Someone should open a restaurant specializing in nopales and lizard meat! I'd go.

                          1. re: shamu613

                            Easy. My answer is Mario Batali. He's pushing for slow food in Vegas and proving that there are farms for produce, and animal products within 200 miles of Vegas.

                            It may not be as large as a farmer's market in San Diego, Calif(where I am from) but if you don't support it, and you bad mouth or believe there is -nothing- in Vegas...there WILL be nothing in Vegas.

                            I absolutely hate the other farmer's markets here that are arranged by the county. They truck in produce from california and you're getting items from 500-600 miles away. The difference between those markets and Mario's market is his trucks in from local farms up to 200 miles away and already provide product to local restaurants.

                            So....the local restaurants that believe in slow food in Vegas are already supporting these farms. As you can see, many many many locals do not because they're used to the other markets that have ruined the image nothing can be grown here...or if it's grown here is bad quality.

                            If you think local produce is bad quality then don't frequent Spago, Mario's places and many many other restaurants in Vegas that use these local farms.

                            There is also gilcrease orchard where you can pick your own produce, tomatoes, squash, peppers, apples, nectarines and much more when in season.

                            There is a wonderful CSA(Community Supported Agriculture) in Moapa Valley. I certainly wouldn't snub it's offerings. I wish I could participate because the pics look incredible but I cannot afford the shares upfront. They deliver for pickup to Vegas members through the Vegas Cheese and Wine store(, also talked about locally as a wonderful shop. There is another CSA that I have not heard about until recently. They look like they also do local drop offs in Vegas so you don't have to drive out to Moapa Valley. If you don't like the local markets...but want local produce than a CSA would be your best bet.

                            There is a local herb farm in boulder city that sells to local restaurants and locals and participates in Mario's farmers market.

                            Mario's market is NOT like the other markets of which I have given up on. Produce at those other markets...come from over 500-600 miles away. Why not just go to Whole Foods in that case...where it's fresher...and cheaper, or belong to a CSA?

                            If you want slow food in Vegas, the best thing to do is support it. Our restaurants already are.


                            Molto Vegas Farmers' Market - Thursday

                            October 29, 2009 at 7485 Dean Martin, suite 106,
                            Las Vegas, Nevada

                            11 AM to 1 PM (general public) I seem to recall if you're a chef..basically if you're in the industry you get first choice before the market opens. Call ahead and ask for industry opening times.

                            Hmm...maybe I should start blogging on Slow Food in Vegas...the places to get local produce...interviews with farmers and the restaurants that support it...because although the slow food vegas website( links to industry websites. Those websites don't even have the latest local CSA information, or farmer's markets. Unfortunately, these are the only websites out gather this info. I had to really dig and research. It shouldn't be that hard.

                            1. re: BarbInVegas


                              This is such a valuable post and I fear it might get lost, especially because it really isn't about food shops. Would you consider copying and pasting and starting a new thread, or perhaps the moderators could if this isn't cool.

                              1. re: Dave Feldman

                                I agree. Very useful. This info just isn't out there.

                      3. re: tatamagouche

                        You called? My blog talks about Vegas food, not on the Strip. (I'm out in the Henderson area) I work on the Strip, and 9 times out of 10, I don't want to come down to it on my off days.

                        The International Marketplace on Decatur and Tropicana is a must-go for Vegas foodies.
                        Valley Cheese and Wine is fantastic! The owners are helpful, very knowledgeable and their shop is much closer to me that the International Marketplace. (So I go lots more, as my poor wallet can attest)

                        Vegas dosen't seem to have a active, passionate localvore culture. We're NOT San Francisco by a long shot! (more's the pity, I wish we could get all the awesome fresh food!) I went to the Farmer's Market held at The Venetian/Palazzo about a month or so ago- and while enjoyable was VERY small. Mario Batali was there and that did create quite a buzz among all the different chefs on site.

                        John Curtas's blog is quite good as well. He gives equal time to high-end and dive eats.

                        1. re: Honeychan

                          Excellent, glad to know about your blog!

                    2. Vegas locals' popular referrals are the LVRJ, which has a decent annual locals 'Best of", lasvegascitylife, lasvegasweekly,,, word of mouth; and lots of local exploring resulted in dining experiences where LV/Henderson has gorgeous locations/views/ambiance with some CH worthy food spots, while Summerlin has consistently outstanding dining but really bad views/ambiance. your curiosity is the same as many visitors/new residents but lack of replies could be that like me, I just found CH recently; my usual go to sites for reviews is zagats, yelp, google, tripadvisor; that said, here's a few goodies for your foodie treasure chest; for shops;
                      International Marketplace, 5000 S Decatur Blvd, Las Vegas
                      various, Spring Mountain Road, Las Vegas; local 'chinatown'
                      British Foods Inc, 3375 S Decatur Blvd # 11, Las Vegas, NV; great Cornish pasties and other English specialties

                      great houndworthy dining non-strip;
                      >Vintner Grill, 10100 Charleston Blvd # 150, Las Vegas (Summerlin)
                      food is consistently excellent, surprisingly modest prices, very popular so reservations needed and while location is typically dreary, this one in an office park, the decor inside is lovely while the outside stone fire pits and private gazebo tents are incredibly beautiful
                      >Firefly On Paradise, 3900 Paradise Rd # A, Las Vegas; so many delicious tapas and great sangria
                      >T-Bones, Red Rock Resort and
                      >Hachi, Red Rock, see
                      > Hash House A Go Go, 6800 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas; so good 'twisted farm food'
                      > Springs Preserve Cafe by Wolfgang Puck
                      > Tillerman, 2245 E. Flamingo Road, Las Vegas; steak and seafood
                      > Chicago Joe's, 820 S. Fourth Street, Las Vegas, NV; old world Italian

                      and here's a link for some good specials, i.e. $39 L'Atelier 3 course

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                      1. I agree with Honeychan. The first place I think of is the International Marketplace.

                        Right now, I'm writing this from a house that is within a few minutes driving distance from a terrific butcher/deli, Delfiore's, in Patchogue, Long Island, New York. Rocco's Italian American Deli, at 1181 S Buffalo Dr # 115, is a terrific replica of a top-class Long Island deli, and many of their customers are from homesick Long Islanders. It's a cultural meeting place as well as a market. They are serious about the pizza they make, too.

                        Although not a "gourmet" store by any means, I love going to the Mariana's Supermarket on Sahara and Valley View, mostly to eat at the restaurant/snack bar, to pick up freshly-fried tortilla chips, to buy a fresh fruit drink, and roam the aisles looking for Mexican delicacies. The other locations are similar but the food isn't comparable.

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                        1. re: Dave Feldman

                          Mariana's is great! On weekends they set up a stand out in front; pretty good tacos, etc (although not as good as the taqueria kitty corner - NW corner of Valley View and Sahara, I forget the name).

                            1. re: Eric

                              Eric - no, it's "Taqueria Los" something; in that shopping center that is anchored by Food 4 Less.

                          1. re: Dave Feldman

                            priceless; huge thanks DF for info on Rocco's; have been massively blindsided by acute pains of homesickness and after traveling half the world and spending months overseas, I never really believed, but when you got it bad, it's really bad; if there were one place with actual east coast bagels/pizza, life would be much better.
                            have been missing real east coast Italian deli food ... going to Rocco's asap
                            also, more good casual food spots, nw vegas area;
                            Montana's Meat Co.; good lobster bisque and outstanding lamb chops, with a family recipe mint sauce that is food ecstasy;
                            Market Grille Cafe; incredible home made Greek Mediteranean, tasty lamb souvlaki and mousaka;
                            Deli Den, NY style deli; excellent NY and Jewish authentic; great home made corned beef hash and matzoh ball soup
                            Lino's Pizza, very very close to east coast pizza goodness and surprisingly good linguine with white clam sauce

                            1. re: foodlvrzen

                              And thanks back. I've only been to one of the four places you recommend -- look forward to visiting.

                              Have you tried Setebello's? Probably not the kind of pizza you crave, but good stuff.

                              1. re: Dave Feldman

                                why why why is there not a standard 'new resident' food list insert in the change of address packets! just searched Setebello's and it gets 99% raves, nice!
                                meanwhile, I was THERE right !*%&* there, in Green I'll have to hoof it, erm, padfoot it over from nw...hate our traffic plus construction...sigh but it has to be done

                              2. re: foodlvrzen

                                For bagels, go to Harries Bagelmania. They cake their own bagels right on the premises. Every Tuesday they sell a dozen fresh baked bagels for $4.95. If you go, call in your order on Monday as they run out of bagels on Tuesday.

                                1. re: Eric

                                  will travel for good food...Harries seems hugely popular, and their own best non advertising-running out of items, old school Vegas semi landmark....'old Jewish weirdos and gangstas'....excellent, this I gotta see...sounds fun, gotta go!