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Jul 16, 2009 04:42 AM

Sullivan County Eats

Spending 2 weeks in Sullivan County led us to a few culinary joys and a few disappointments. I will just describe the highlights.

Barryville market on Saturdays is lovely. It is not very big, but the atmosphere is very friendly. I wish I could go back there again. Alas, we are leaving before then.

Callicoon Sunday Market was much bigger. A lot of the same people.

I recommend the bakery lady ( I think it is something like flower power, but I just don't remember). Her savory rugelach and lemon tarts where out of this world.

Korean Arts Village is a great place to visit. - Korean language only.
Their restaurant was the best I have been to. Boar bulgogi, dumplings, seafood pancake where spectacular! It is also a nice place to walk around - especially if you have kids and look at wooden carvings and pottery that the owners exported from Korea. They also have a lot of antique and new korean pottery for sale. As well as some dried beans, miso paste, dried pumpkin, etc.

Two places to avoid at all cost: Eldred preserve and Bubba's BBQ. While the former had very mediocre and overpriced food, the latter tasted rotten and we had to throw out most of it.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about the Eldred Preserve. I was looking forward to trying it out.

    1. nice report, sabinaHahn!

      I will cross Bubba's off my list now !
      I almost went there a few years back, but they were too busy and unorganized..
      thanks for the tip , as I don't like old "sitting around" bbq...

      1. when my wife and i go to concerts at bethel woods we stay at eldred preserve...typical motel room but quite convienent and very quiet...usually do soup and sandwhich lunch at their restaurant and its very good and north to rte 17b...make a right and go about one mile to light (you will pass busters on left, do not stop there...make a left at light,rte 55 and go about one mile to kaunconga lake...on the left is a group of 3 or 4 restaurants,including the fat lady cafe...its a great place to bar/appetizer hop on their decks and scope out menus for future dinners.

        1. thanks for the review! could you elaborate more on the korean arts village? could you spend a day there? i never knew that place existed...thanks for the heads up.

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            So, the story behind the Korean Art Village is simple. A korean family bought a gold course 8 years ago. 3 years ago, they ordered a lot of carved totems, huge ceramic drums and other things from Korea and just placed it around the area. There are a lot of picnic tables, a small stage. The restaurant looks vaguely Korean. Also, we were told that if you eat at the restaurant, you can either borrow or rent (I don't know) fishing rods and go fishing at a lake or pond, or whatever that body of water was.

            Oh, and there is llama there too, but he didn't want our apples and didn't come close. He doesn't roam the place, it lives in a fences area.

            You can also buy some miso paste, beans from korea, mix for kim chee, pottery, candy and othere things. Most of them are Korean. I bought a half a gallon of honey that my mom said was the best honey ever - it was from their friends in Buffalo, not from Korea.

            So I would say, you can easily spend 2 hours wondering around and then sit down for dinner. Probably more, if you wanted to fish.

            1. re: sabinaHahn

              thanks for the info. that's so random...i'll check it out when i go to bethel woods in the future. my family would probably be interested in fishing.

          2. Directly across the street from Bubba's is The Front Porch. I ate there this past Friday, and the food was wonderfull. I have eaten at the Fat Lady and the other few places on 55, and this was much better.