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Jul 15, 2009 11:24 PM

Good eats recos for NY visitors? (fancy and unfancy)

Looking for recommendations for good eats for 4 NY visitors. We'll be there from Fri-Mon for the hot air balloon festival. Food spots can be fancy or not, ethnic or whatever - we just like to eat.

2 of us have been to Montreal a number of times, and 2 of us haven't ever been (and one is a very accomodating non-pescatarian veggie who'll go to steakhouses and order salads and creamed spinach but prefers to have something a little more veggie-friendly).

The 2 of us who've been to Montreal before (hubby and me) have been to:
- Toque (hubby totally loved but only been once)
- Au Pied de Cochon (hubby's fave resto ever, incl NY spots - he is ravenous carnivore and loves the foie gras poutine)
- Schwartz's (non-lean meat please)
- Cora's (breakfast)
- Beauty's (breakfast)
- Club Chasse et Peche (not that impressed)
- Olive and Gourmando
- Jean Talon Market (loved this!)
- Cafe Santropol (will probably visit again with veggie friend)

It's also been a while since I've had a good poutine, so any suggestions on that end appreciated as well. I love cheese curds!

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
- Hungry NY-er

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  1. You could maybe experience eating in a more residential area like Rosemont on Masson street. There are 3 excellent restaurants, all in the same vicinity, on that street. There is one BYOW that is simply excellent. It is called Le zeste de folie. There is another called Madre. It is nuevo latino and the food is simply delightful, the only lesser side is the wine list. It is small and mostly south american wines and they are not my favorite. The last one is M sur Masson. It is a bit more expensive than the others but there are a couple of plates that are less expensive like bavette and tartare. It has a nice vibe and has great wine.

    1. My favourite restaurant is Europea; truly wonderful food. Like you, I was unimpressed by CC&P, and was unimpressed by Pied de Cochon the last time I was there, 3 weeks ago (and I used to love the place).

      But, have you done a search? There are literally dozens of threads on the subject, and lots of recommendations.

      1. Two to stay far away from in all forms are La Sirene and Le Bifteque.

        Two to try are Agora (6544 Somerled) for the chicken and Georges in Chomedey Laval for the smoked meat. (3750, boul. St-Martin O)
        Bit off the beaten track but worth it!

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        1. re: hanklin

          We ate at Cafe Santropol over the weekend and the setting is very lovely. I enjoyed the food probably more than my beau, but since I'm a vegetarian, it's more up my alley. I would go back anytime. That said, I asked the waiter what was in the vegetarian pate and he said "I'm not the chef. It's made here, that's all I know. Do you want me to go into the kitchen and ask for the recipe or something." Okedokee. I forwent the pate and I don't know if he really was being snipey, but that was a bit much. Anyway, I enjoyed it anyway. Be forewarned though!

        2. Definitely check out one (or both) of the popular bagel places, St. Viateur and Fairmount. Sure, there's a conflict of interest coming from NY bagels, but it's still part of Montreal food :) Or, check out Bagel ETC. for breakfast and choose the bagel option instead.